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Not devoted specifically to satire, but much work recent on Swift and his circle appears in its volumes. Critical Studies - general or Comparative. Bredvold, "The Gloom of the tory satirists." In Pope and His Contemporaries: Essays Presented to george Sherburn,. Clifford and louis. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1949,. Reprinted in Eighteenth-Century English Literature: Modern Essays in Criticism,. A now-classic essay on the "gloom" of Swift, pope, and the other Scriblerians. Bredvold is careful to distinguish this satirical gloom from the misanthropy, melancholy, and even insanity of which the tory satirists have often been indicted, and he insists that great satire must "have at its core a moral idealism expressing itself in righteous indignation.

7 (1970) includes " snl bibliography: a seven-page annotated bibliography of research in satire. The Scriblerian and the kit-Cats. Philadelphia: Temple Univ., vol. A collection of brief reviews and short notices on early eighteenth-century British literature, focusing especially on the two literary circles mentioned in the title. Studies wizard in Contemporary satire. Clarion,.: Clarion State college, vol. A "creative and critical" annual. The journal attracts few major writers, and in spite of professions of general coverage, overwhelmingly addresses nineteenth- and twentieth-century American writing. Studies in the literary Imagination. Special Issue: "Modes of Augustan Satire." Vol. A collection of essays by some major figures: Carnochan, weinbrot, Spacks, hunter, Edward Bloom.

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An Anthology of Eighteenth-Century satire: Grub Street,. Y.: Edwin Mellin Press, 1994. Heaney takes up the relationship of verse satire and popular culture, particularly in the early eighteenth century. Cologne: Satire verlag, vol. A german-language mom annual not easily available in America. Though now long-defunct, its ten volumes were devoted strictly to satire during the great age of satire theorists. In spite of an impressive advisory board - elliott, Frye, kernan - the journal attracted only a few of the major hitters after its first few numbers and soon went into decline. But it remains a useful indicator of the sixties zeitgeist in satirical scholarship. There is a current bibliography in each semiannual volume, and vol.

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Essential reading - comprehensive and historically informed - for studies of Augustan political satire. English poetic Satire: wyatt to byron,. Rousseau and neil. New York: Holt, rinehart winston, 1972. A collection of strictly formal verse satires from the renaissance through the romantics. Rousseau and Rudenstine prefer fewer long extracts to more brief ones, giving, for instance, over two hundred pages to don juan. Contains Mac Flecknoe, absalom achitophel, "Verses on the death of Dr Swift plan "a satirical Elegy on the death of a late famous General rape of the lock, epistle to Arbuthnot, london, and The vanity of Human Wishes. Anthology of poems on Affairs of State: Augustan Satirical Verse,. A one-volume anthology of highlights from item.

New York: Scribners, 1905. Wells reveals turn-of-the-century taste: of the three hundred fifty pages of her anthology, only a few are given over to the distasteful Augustans. Swift gets only four pages, pope six. Poems on Affairs of State: Augustan Satirical Verse,. Lord., 7 vols. New haven: Yale Univ. A collection of hundreds of satirical poems, mostly anonymous, between the restoration of Charles ii and the death of Anne. The satires, grouped chronologically by volume and then thematically by topic or event that sparked them, are heavily annotated with references to the historical context, providing a background for the popish Plot and the Exclusion Crisis, oates's trial, the 1707 Union, religious toleration, imperial expansion.

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John Butt., 11 vols. The memoirs of the report Extraordinary life, works, and Discoveries of Martinus Scriblerus,. New York: Russell russell, 1950. Jonathan Swift, poems,. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1958. The Prose works of Jonathan Swift,.

Herbert davis, 14 vols. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1939. Jonathan Swift, a tale of a tub,. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1958; summary 2nd., 1973. Supersedes the volume in the basil Blackwell edition ( item 13 ). A satire Anthology,.

Standard Editions of Major Satirists. Samuel Butler, hudibras,. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1967. The poetical Works of Charles Churchill,. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1956. The california edition of the works of John Dryden,.

Edward Niles hooker and. Berkeley and Los Angeles: Univ. Of California press, 1956. The yale Edition of the works of Samuel Johnson,. New haven and London: Yale Univ. The Twickenham Edition of the poems of Alexander Pope,.

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223-84 is useful for its coverage of general sources. The wallpaper annotations are not thorough but adequate. The new Cambridge bibliography of English. George watson and Ian Willison. Three sections of the second volume cover Augustan satire: ii, 8-9, 59, and 317-18. Nilsen, "a survey homework of Satire. Publications." Studies in Contemporary satire, 15 (1987 16-22. Not thorough, but the most recent systematic survey.

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students. Augustan satire - "this catalogue attempts to list exhaustively all Menippean satires written before 1660 in the languages. Western Europe, and all the criticism published in those same languages about Menippean satire, up to the present time" (p. Ix) - the thirteenth chapter, "Criticism of Menippean Satire" (pp.

Frederick george Stephens, rev. Dorothy george, 11 vols. London: British Museum, rev. Stephens edited the first four volumes, comprehending British. Museum satirical visual materials from 13The. Victorian scholarship is now thoroughly dated. George's 1968 extension of the catalogue in volumes 5 through advantages through 1832 in an indispensable reference source of later eighteenth-century satirical prints. Bond, "Register of Burlesque.

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Lynch, augustan Satire bibliography, any claim to comprehensiveness would be laughable. Covered are the most important general accounts of satire in the last half century and some of the most influential treatments of the two most important early eighteenth-century satirists, pope and. Swift, especially since the late help sixties. Reference works, there is no comprehensive bibliography of eighteenth-century satires, either of primary or secondary sources. Below are some of the most useful stopgap measures. Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires. Preserved in the department of Prints and Drawings in the British.

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The negotiation pedagogy annotated bibliography. Lecture capture, annotated, bibliography.and course content and then delivers that content through standard web browsers as a web-based presentation (understanding that this material could also be saved on, cDs, dvds, etc.).

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