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homework help ks3 english

Bbc homework help ks3

Using linguistic and literary terminology to advantages discuss reading, writing and spoken language. Spoken language, at this stage, students are taught to speak confidently and effectively. They're expected to use Standard English confidently in a range of contexts, including classroom discussions, speeches and presentations. They should be able to express their own ideas and keep to the point. Pupils take part in formal debates and structured discussions. They improvise, rehearse and perform play scripts and poetry, and use role, intonation, tone, volume, mood, silence, stillness and action to add impact).

homework help ks3 english

Help with homework ks3

A range of other texts, including arguments, and essay personal and formal letters. They learn to summarise and organise their material and apply their growing knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and text structure to their writing. They should be taught to plan, draft, edit and proof-read their work, considering how their writing reflects its intended audience and purpose, amending their vocabulary, grammar and structure to improve their writing, and paying attention to accurate spelling and punctuation. Grammar and vocabulary, in KS3, pupils are expected to consolidate their knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary they learned at primary school. They do this by: Analysing more challenging texts, studying the effectiveness of the grammatical features of the texts they read. Picking up new vocabulary and grammatical tools from the books and other texts they read, and using them in their own writing and speech. Understanding the differences between written and spoken English, including formal and informal registers, and. Standard English and other varieties of English, using Standard English confidently in their written and spoken work.

They will study: English literature, pre-1914 and contemporary, including prose, poetry and drama. Shakespeare (two plays seminal world literature, students are expected to choose and read books independently, and to re-read books they've already covered to increase their familiarity with them and provide a basis for making comparisons. They develop their understanding of increasingly challenging texts through learning new vocabulary, using context and dictionaries, making inferences and referring to evidence in the text, and using their knowledge of purpose, audience and context to help their understanding. Pupils learn to check their understanding to make sure what they've read makes sense, read critically, recognise a range of poetic and dramatic conventions, study setting, plot and characterisation, and understand how the work of dramatists is communicated through performance. They will study work by a range of authors, including studying at least two authors in depth each year. Writing, in their written work, students are taught to write accurately, fluently, effectively and at length, for a range of purposes and audiences, including: Essays. Stories, scripts, poetry and other imaginative writing. Notes and scripts for talks and presentations.

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homework help ks3 english

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Once each piece is completed, the class teacher will work with the student to identify what has been achieved and highlight any areas of report improvement. This process initiates target setting and helps develop our approach to personalised learning. Students are fully supported at each stage of the learning process and we are hugely proud of the achievements of our past students. The English curriculum is enhanced by a number of enrichment activities including a reading club, homework clubs and a range of trips and visits. Some of our KS4 students have visited the lowry to see a production of Of Mice and Men by john Steinbeck, and we were lucky enough to see james Corden in One man, Two governors before the show went to Broadway!

We run creative writing competitions for those students interested in developing their writing skills and each year we take a trip to Oxford University for a tour of the colleges and to motivate our top achievers. English is usually taught in ability sets in KS3. The curriculum will be the same, but higher sets will be working at a higher level, while lower sets will be given more support. The main aim of the English curriculum is to promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written word, and to develop their love of literature through reading for enjoyment across a wide range. There are four separate curriculum areas in English: reading writing grammar and vocabulary spoken English, reading, in KS3, children are expected to develop an appreciation and love of reading, and read increasingly challenging material independently. This includes reading a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, including in particular whole books, short stories, poems and plays from a variety of genres, historical periods, forms and authors.

We believe in collaborative enquiry and well as independent research, and students often mark their own work and that of others in the group. Students are provided with many opportunities to develop their reading skills. Critical reading and reading for pleasure is encouraged and time is made in lessons for each student to develop their reading skills. Texts covered include poems, plays, novels, short stories, magazines and newspapers, internet sites, advertisements, reviews, reports, brochures, diaries and travel writing. Each teacher shares their own reading experiences with their students, and we are always eager to hear about our students reading habits too! Writing at Lostock, students will develop their writing through participation in a variety of activities that will focus on styles, contexts and purposes.

We will explore various planning methods to help students build on their ideas and develop detailed, structured writing. During the course, students will produce texts such as poems, stories, summaries, play scripts, reports, reviews, and creative and descriptive writing pieces. We run numerous competitions throughout the year and are proud of our past students who have had their works published in books and magazines. Assessment for and of learning, students will be assessed in multifarious ways in English. Each half term will present students with the opportunity to complete two formally assessed pieces of work, either in reading, writing or speaking and listening. In addition to this, students will participate in learning activities where they review and assess their work with peers and individually. .

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During the course, all students will be plan expected to challenge themselves and have high aspirations for attainment. Progress is monitored and all students are expected to actively engage with the wide variety of resources which are used to unlock their potential. We ask that students come to lesson equipped with a pen, pencil, eraser, ruler and a reading book, as well the as highlighters for identifying key points in texts. Homework is used to enhance and secure the skills needed to be successful in English, and to solidify the learning that has taken place in the classroom. Students learn about a variety of text types and will focus on how authors covey themes, ideas and structure, as well as how they portray character and voice. All students will explore a variety of linguistic and presentational devices in a wide variety of media texts, including film, webpages and advertising. Lessons are structured, with clear learning objectives and learning outcomes, as well as a variety of motivational tasks throughout.

homework help ks3 english

We re-write our learning schemes each year and invest heavily in new books across the genres. We are an experienced team with a focus on personalised learning for each individual. This means that we plan, take action and review as a team and are committed to continuously strengthening our subject pedagogy. We have progression at the heart of shop all our planning and track student development so that personalised intervention can be provided. Key stage 3, key stage Three aims to provide students with varied and valuable experiences of English in action. Underpinned by the national Secondary Strategy and National Curriculum, the skills covered and acquired by students equip them for life. We have re-written all of our programmes of study to satisfy the new curriculum, and our overviews are below: key stage 4, key stage four prepares students for internationally recognised qualifications, for further education, and for a lifetime of global communication. Our KS4 students follow the aqa syllabus for study in gcse english Language and gcse literature. The courses combine the study of reading and writing and speaking and listening.

to help you with your homework and projects. Six half termly homework projects based on our half term sow. All designed to promote independence and were used as part of a whole school Passport 2 Independence approach to homework and were made available for download from the school's vle. Feedback stickers for effort attached. Read more, recommended Categories. English, we aim to excite and enthuse our students and give them not only a love of literature, but a love of learning.

KS3 to a level English. Great resource for students covering KS3 to a level English literature and language. English Sparknotes, online study guides for nearly 300 novels, including george Orwell, Thomas Hardy, harper lee and. Also includes study guides for Shakespeare plays including summaries of Acts, character information, analysis and themes. A poetry section is also included and features poets such as Chaucher,. Eliot, Emily dickinson and John Donne. M, literary study guides that include works by william Golding, jane austen, and f scott Fitzgerald. Guides include"tions from the novels, chapter summaries, movie character analysis and author biographies. Shakespeare, the complete works of William Shakespeare.

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The librarians at Tameside central Library have searched the web for sites that can help you report with your homework. Want to know what a word means? Encyclopedia britannica library Edition, gives you instant access to the Encyclopedia britannica online, including the standard edition and the Student and Junior Encyclopedia britannicas. It contains thousands of articles covering a huge range of topics including Ancient Egypt. . you just need your library barcode number to access this site. Oxford Reference Online, oxford Reference Online is an electronic library which contains a wealth of information about many subjects including Ancient Egypt. You just need your library barcode number to access this site.

homework help ks3 english
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  1. This section of the website has been designed to help you support your. KS3 Eng lish Support phgs english Department key stage 3 reading list reading. Homework is used to enhance and secure the skills needed to be su ccessful in English, and to solidify the learning that has taken place in the.

  2. In KS3, children are expected to develop an appreciation and love. Knowledge of purpose, audience and context to help their understanding. The learning journey homework Gnome learning packs and workbooks.

  3. This page is all about helping you with your English homework. Great resource for students covering KS3 to a level English literature and language. Overview of what children learn in secondary school English in key stage 3, years 7, 8 and.

  4. Doddle English self-marking homework quizzes. Six half termly homework projects based on our half term sow. All designed to prom ote independence and were used as part of a whole school Passport.

  5. KS3 English learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organise d by topic. A wide variety of worksheets designed to help KS3 students prepare for sats. Website : KS3 Bitesize: English. Doddle English contains hundreds of brilliant, formative resources to help your st udents progress in language and literature, mapped to the latest KS3 and gcse specifications, for all major.

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