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But developers may do only what can be done in library code, or reach for CoffeeScript or another language on top. And TC39 may over-invent. The better way is a dialog between js developers, especially natural leaders among them such as @jashkenas, and TC39 members. This wont involve scientific polling. Theres no substitute for nice judgment and (ultimately) sound language design theory and practice. But the experts must also learn from the users, whove moved mountains on their own over the last ten years. And users, meaning js developers, should step up to this dialog and away from fear and passivity.

We should pave this cowpath now. (Some at the conference tweeted against classes thinking this was another turn-js-into-java thing, but counter-tweeting made it clear that its purely prototypal. Whats in a name? It is hard to beat class, imho.) Oh, and paren-free still wins. Where it is not simply a relaxation of JSs over-bracketed C-based grammar, it gives for-in in loops, comprehensions, and generator expressions not only analysis lighter syntax (and only paren-free syntax!) — it gives better semantics. Generally, paren-free for-in provides the iteration protocol hook for custom iterators, definitely including generators (the easiest way to write an iterator). Specifically, paren-free for-in reforms array iteration to be over values, not keys. This is pure win (ignoring migration, see next paragraph as far as I can tell. Forbidding parenthesized for-in heads makes a migration early error, a tax for a common good: lighter syntax with much better semantics. Js developers and implementors on TC39 must learn from one another and meet in the middle. The harmony goals are good.

listing presentation keynote

Listing Presentation - breakthrough Broker

See records and tuples for analogous hash meaning. Here i go paper out on a limb in listing some strawman proposals not yet in Harmony. Some of these will make xt, some probably wont (there will be an xt). At this point in my talk, i advocated strongly for standardizing prototypal inheritance a la coffeeScripts class, super, and @ syntactic sugar. TC39 is tempted to do more, which means invent (not by committee but by champions, single members or sub-groups working on a particular area). I believe we will not achieve consensus soon, and possibly go wrong, if we overreach. We could renounce classes in order to remain future-proof, but js developers are crying out for sweet and (more important) foolproof syntax to make prototype-based single-inheritance class-like abstractions.

listing presentation keynote

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Ive tree been talking about better function syntax for a while. Function is too long (I wish Id used fn in 1995 and preempted this issue). TC39 has had several proposals or variations. Meanwhile, coffeeScript has emerged and taken off. In arrow function syntax ive synthesized all the winning ideas, without goring anyones. This slide conveys the main points of the proposal. The syntax from Harmony of my dreams evolves in this proposal to be an orthogonal prefix, for freezing and joining (fusing identity up to the nearest relevant closure).

This effort complements the adoption of de facto standard library functions. Some problems cant be solved in the current language by writing library code. We need language evolution at both syntactic (user interface) and semantic (deep meaning) layers. David Flanagans talk, which was first up on jsconf day one, covered typed arrays and array buffers a bit. During the q a i mentioned the harmony binary data proposal from @littlecalculist. The binary data proposal embraces and extends the fine work of WebGL typed arrays. Sometimes someone paves the cowpath into an expressway, which grows into a superhighway. Js has a lot of bits to move these days.

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listing presentation keynote

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The code generators targeting the new edition verbiage directly invokes CoffeeScript and the many other. Js code-generators out there today. An important point about the harmony process: you dont have to wait three years for a finished standard before browsers start supporting prototype implementations of solid proposals. We aim to do how implementors have done html5 and the web api standards — continuous early implementation and rolling standardization. Thus, Proxies in FF4, weakmaps in Nightly (FF6) releases, etc. This slide (which builds bullet by bullet in keynote) is as concise a summary as I could make of the bulk of what is already very likely in the next ecma-262 Edition, according to the.

Harmony Proposals wiki page. We have invested over the years in most of these proposals, not only on TC39 statement but in SpiderMonkey (with Norris boyd, Steve yegge,. Matching in Rhino in order to test implementability and usability. Firefox and other mozilla xul apps and add-ons make great use of let, generators, and more. We will keep adjusting our prototype implementations to match the emerging xt spec. Now it looks like other browsers will start to implement Harmony proposals.

Of course the community does not speak with one voice. Communities do evolve leaders, and leaders are often necessarily articulate. Also, effective communities produce artifacts such as Prototypejs and jQuery, which speak in their own ways. Why does the community matter? One good reason is this: communities facing harsh survival tests (as JSs has) reward merit better than committees operating under competitive and time pressures. @andrewdupont observed, in his barn-burner of a talk near the end of jsconf day one, how recent js standards started as community-project library methods.

Often enough, these de facto standards also started out as rough and real,. E., far from perfect — just as js did. They had to be user-tested and iterated upon until winning. I reiterated this point in my talk. TC39 should avoid inventing where it can pave the cowpaths. The, harmony goals (slightly reworded here to fit on the slide, and for clarity) indeed talk about codifying de facto standards. The complex applications and libraries bits suggest programming in the large, implying modules and other Harmony proposals.

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Ill comment on the individual slides below. Jeremys talk was entitled, coffeeScript as a js/next, and I was interested in giving an update on Ecma tc39. Harmony progress, so when Jeremy and I met and caught up during the first day add of jsconf, we quickly agreed on a joint session with about 15 minutes in the first half for my stuff. Js developers sometimes seem afraid of the future, specifically of what browser vendors and Ecma tc39 might do to them! Here i used some inspiring"s and a practical, three-step process outline to encourage everyone at jsconf to have courage and make their direct wishes known, as best they can. By acting (using CoffeeScript, for example) as well as writing (es-discuss at mozilla. Browser competition is hot, browser vendors crave developers as fans and supporters. This should give js hackers great power, if they can speak coherently, as individuals and as a group. But its important for developers to speak clearly, since tc39 members often listen to their own peers on the committee and in their respective companies more than to the js community writ large.

listing presentation keynote

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listing presentation keynote
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In the Islands and coast of Malaysia 2012. Each industry key theme will have a keynote presentation from a leading industry figure, as well as an analyst presentation tailored to the theme.

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  2. Keynote ) is as concise a summary as I could make of the bulk of what is already very likely in the next.Executive coach, coaching the individual or business including team leadership development, keynote speaking, presentations and workshops located in Toronto, ontario, canada m Edit. PhD Student Scholarly dialogue: Jacqueline fawcett Professor Jacqueline fawcett will give a presentation on Concept Analysis. Community health research:making the connections Symposium. Keynote, address will be presented by State senator Harriette.

  3. Keynote, designs Templates for your Professional Presentations Social networking Powerpoint and. Internet Retailer - marketing/Merchandising and Design - irwd 2012: ms new look. Google adds product listing ads to its image search. This slide (which builds bullet by bullet.

  4. A full listing of conference papers from the examining Migration Dynamics: Networks and beyond conference, held at Lady margaret Hall, Oxford University, 2426 September 2013. Oliver bakewell (IMI) Watch this presentation, conference keynote presentation. Website Internet Marketing Survey factors Infographics Social Media powerpoint.

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