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How  do you limit it? Is there any recommendations? Thank you in advance. Topic for discussion: " How to avoid duplication of answers by students?" Some of my students have a habit to send me files, which i already read. Sometimes I can identify these files just by the size of file, where student did nothing with file except change the name. . Sometimes its easy, sometimes its more difficult. How do you solve this problem?

Student's responce despite on so many minuses i am glad to be in the framework of Blackboard virtual school as well as my student. I would like to finish my assay by few responses, which were made by my students: At the beginning, when I just was introducing with Blackboard, the web-site was download extremely slowly. Now this problem disappeared. . Web-site is very comfortable and useful and has a fantastic future! The accessibility of the Blackboard's pages is excellent for the Blackboard English-speaking people, but French speaking, german-speaking, especially russian-speaking - there are some difficulties. some times there were some problems with the Blackboard's server (may be because of overloaded server) and it was difficult with connections to the web-site, but taking a patience, you will connect. Though, as a whole problems of such sort appear seldom. It is necessary to note that much unpleasant and uncomfortably the absence of Russian supports. weekly time for course learning - from 30 minutes till 2-3 hours. Topics Topic for discussion: owens "Estimation of lesson's size" dear teachers, let me know about your approach to size of electronic materials for one lesson.

lutron homeworks qs training

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Creation q a for the on-line tests. Let your students make this work. You will be pleased and wondered on their great work. Usefull statistics: Timetable of teacher's on-line and off-line working minutes Nos. Kind of activity.10.00 (as an example) average factor (in minutes) 1 Connetion to Internet 2 1-5 min 2 Connection to Blackboard 14 From 2 to 25min, but from time to time no connections at all 3 Enter id and password Less than. Download files 15 mins/2 files 2-5 minutes per 1 file.2. Read files (off-line) 10 min 5 minutes per one file 5 Put grades in essays Gradebox 5 10-20 minutes 6 Announcements 0 2-5 minutes 7 Check statistics minutes 8 Edit course materials 0 15-20 min 9 Sending emails 6 min 5-12 min 10 Log out. I am awaiting Blackboard ability to encoding using Cyrillic Wndows, cyrillic koi8 or similar. I am awaiting at the Blackboard course some thing like students' top10 - list of student's names with the higher results.

lutron homeworks qs training

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It is usefull for teacher to have. Few students missed their passwords and asked me to send them their id and password. I did not find such kind of options in instructor's tool. As well as I did not find a place from where i was able to see students' personal data. May be all this information exist, but how thank could I rich it? Abcence of the file's attachment option. My advises to other teachers (use my experience safe your time. Make special folder for every student at your hard disk/ ask your students to sent files in zip format and download student's answers into certain folders. See answers in off-line mode.

There is no possibility to manage student's password. If your student missed his password, you could make nothing for him. Just give him advice to make one more registration. That means - one more name, one more password. Teacher has no ability to edit student's homepage. Using bottoms "Control Panel - site management - communications - students homepages" you could just manage "enable -disable". It could be place were teacher could make corrections in the student's homework. Access to Student's passwords.

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lutron homeworks qs training

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During our common work with my students we came to the conclusion to sent all files in Zip format. It is much more quick. This option is very well organized, we used it when we want communicate all over the group. I think it would be more popular if it has a possibility to attach files. Using bb facilities you are able to control your students' learning. You have share statistical material, which tell you, who, when and where entered your course.

Even, what did they do at the course: saw course materials, sent emails, saw thier grades, edit thier homepages and. This option give a lot of information about students work: number of visits, dates of visits, kind of activity: sending files, edit homepage, make message at discussion board, check his grade and. Stats material was useful when i evaluated students' work. Minuses Student's password exchange. If you will glossary follow bottoms "Control Panel" - "User Management" - "Modify User you will see an explanation here: " This area is where instructors go to modify and update student information and manage student passwords." Unfortunately, it is not true.

However, the most difficult was absence of methodical material. What volume of information must account for one electronic lecture? How much lectures must be in course? Is it nesessary or not to collerate number of lectures and number of subjects in the course? In what type they must be presented, in what format (Word, ftp, html)?

How to organizing test? How to avoid duplication of answers by students? All these questions are still not solved. Pluses "Course materials" - could be divided into moduls, units and so on - very comfortable for teacher, very good organized. My students used it to send me their assays, homeworks, etc. It is very informative, because teacher  could  see name of student and date of delivery.

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Unfortunately i was limited in use of few options of the bb, because of the absence of Cyrillic language. . so i did not use absolutely a tool for on-line testing. Nevertheless, writing i am absolutely satisfied by results, which my students demonstrated after they completed the course. And believe me, part of it is due to bb virtual school. What is the main difficult thing in online course creation? From the first point of view you will point a lot of time which you will spend transforming all your materials into electronic format: lectures, pictures, diagrams, tables and other. This - really, stale work.

lutron homeworks qs training

excellent teaching! My own experience - one and half of educational year. . I have a course in Blackboard (bb in further) virtual school m/courses/ITB2000sme. I had an experience during three semesters. Now 59 four's and five's year level students enrolled at my course. . so, i think, i have all rights to mention some positive and negative points of this school's facilities. Hope, my experience will help some teachers to improve their tools. I experienced with the hope that you will be able to avoid the trials I went through when teaching an online class.

In 1991 she made her. In the field of Computerized Medical devises. All her work was related to computers (software hardware development). In different years subjects of teaching were Electronic Medical devises, Programming Languages (Turbo pascal, C). . In she took part in the project reap partnership between bmstu and Small Business School, de montfort University, bedford,. K Name of project: "developing Small Business Management Education Provision for Engineering and Computer Students". New twist course - "Information Technologies in Business for Small and Medium Enterprises" was created using facilities of distance learning using Blackboard facilities. In educational year 14 students (fifth level) completed this course.

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Oftentimes, the objectives and activities are seen as similar course entities. Activities are the learning experiences in which the students will participate as part of the instruction. Activities, projects, and assignments are used to assess how the students are meeting the course objectives. By creating a list, you will be able to shape instructional objectives from. The identification of objectives will help you determine which materials will be beneficial to your students. Gather all materials that you have developed for your course. Different learning styles include: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Helen Galiamova graduated Moscow State technical University essays (bmstu) in 1977 as a system programmer in the field of Enterprise's Resource Planning. Worked as a teacher in this University all her life. .

lutron homeworks qs training
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