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Career Opportunities, are there full-time job opportunities with the national Park service after I complete the internship? Yes, there are numerous career opportunities in the national Park service. The bpi program is well-known and well-regarded throughout the agency, and we have been very successful in recent years at hiring bpi alum into a variety of roles. Bpi participants who complete the program successfully are eligible for noncompetitive hiring for a two year period. . This two-year window begins at graduation. The program offers great professional development opportunities and we work closely with interested summer consultants from the time they start their projects on identifying career goals and determining how these goals may translate into appropriate opportunities within the national Park service. . Over the past three years, over 25 of bpi consultants have obtained full-time positions with nps. What do bpi alums do after graduation?

Students are usually able to arrange to take exams early, and we have also proctored exams for students at training. Can I leave the internship early? Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate applicants who are unavailable for all essay 11 weeks of the program. We ask a lot of our summer consultant teams. The time frame is tight and each consulting team member must share equally in the effort to complete a high-quality product. Does the national Park service provide housing? Yes, each project provides housing and office space. Summer consultants generally live on site or nearby. What expenses related to the internship do you cover? Consultants are reimbursed for three legs of travel: from their home to training, from training to their project site, and back home from their project site. Reimburseable travel costs include airfare, meals, and baggage fees.

national parks business plan internship

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Will I be working with other consultants? Summer consultants are assigned to projects in teams of two or three, depending on the size and strange complexity of the park or program. Is attendance at training required? Yes, attendance at training is required. During the training, we give you the information and tools you need to get started when you arrive at your park. Youll get to know your fellow consultants and some of your park staff and will learn the basics of park operations. We familiarize you with the methodology of business planning in the national Park service and introduce you to some of the resources you will use throughout the summer to develop strategies and perform analyses. Training is typically planned in or near a national park, so we also have a lot of fun getting out and exploring. For students on the quarter system, we realize that exams might conflict with training.

national parks business plan internship

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Parks, programs, and offices from across the service submit project proposals. The nps thoroughly reviews each proposal and carefully selects those projects that exhibit the highest potential for success. Out of 15 to 18 proposals, 6 to 8 make essay the final summer project list. What kinds of projects do consultants work on? Projects are based on the needs of the individual park or program; while they vary widely, they're always engaging. They often include such tasks as recommending strategies for cost savings and enhanced revenue generation, developing cost and budget scenarios, or developing a five-year strategy addressing high-priority areas of park or program operations. Take a look at the following business plans for specific examples: Internship Logistics.

We generally hire graduate students from leading business, public policy, and environmental management schools. Each consulting class has a slightly different mix of educational backgrounds and skill sets to support the unique needs of the summers participating parks. Summer consultants usually come to the internship with between three and five years of professional experience in consulting, financial management, nonprofit management and other related fields. In general, 50 of the summer consulting class is made up of mbas, with the rest a combination of graduate students in public administration, public policy and environmental management programs. Projects, how do you select projects? Project selection is a competitive process. Each winter, the nps issues a call for projects.

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national parks business plan internship

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We generally conduct in-person interviews in the Chicago, boston, dc, san Francisco, ann Arbor, new York, and Raleigh-Durham areas, though the list changes from year to year based on applications. Check with your career services office to see whether nps will be interviewing at your school. We will conduct phone interviews with exceptional candidates who are not able to interview in person. What can i expect at the interview? Interviews are 1 1/2 hours, and conducted in two parts: one behavioral and the other analytical. You'll meet with two separate interviewers for 45-minutes each.

One interview will include some questions based on a short case study presented to you 24 hours before the interview. You should expect to spend about thirty minutes preparing for the case section of the interview; no outside research will be required. Consultants, how many consultants do you hire? We generally hire up to 16 summer consultants, but the final program class size will depend on the number homework and type of participating national parks, programs, and regional offices. Who are my fellow consultants?

Students who complete this internship are equipped with invaluable consulting experiences and often develop a business plan that they can show future employers to demonstrate their skill set. Marco de leon, the bpi alum profiled here, now works for the national Park service with the business Management Group. This blog post gives an insider view of the business Plan Internship from the perspective of a former bpi consultant. Also, the writer explores her professional aspirations upon completing the business Plan Internship. If you'd like to learn more, email.

Jump to: Application Process, consultants, projects, internship Logistics, career Opportunities. More Information, application Process, can i apply for a specific park or project? While you can rank your preferences, project assignments are made on the basis of your relevant experience, park and program needs, and your personal park preferences. Does Net Impact conduct the interviews? While net Impact accepts applications on behalf of the national Park service, interviews are conducted by nps staff with support from Net Impact. Where are interviews held?

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The skills and experiences you walk away with at the end of the summer can translate directly into business and policy careers in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Bpi alums have extensive career paths. Former consultants include: an Enterprise development Specialist for the us agency for International development, a senior Associate for McKinsey co, and a Senior Product Manager for Renewables at ge energy. Many program participants also choose to pursue careers within the national Park service, and alums now serve as: the Chief Financial Officer of the national Park service, the deputy Superintendent at mount Ranier National Park, and the deputy regional Director for the nps Northeast Region. And the best part? You get all this while making a lasting contribution to our country's national parks. Blog Posts, this blog post delves deeper into the advantages and unique experiences that are provided by the business Plan Internship.

national parks business plan internship

Or maybe the city's more your speed, as you head to work amid the hustle of our nation's capital. Whatever your preference, you could find writing yourself right in the thick of it next summer as a national Parks Business Plan Intern. The national Parks bpi program places students in parks and regional offices around the country, including natural or culturally significant settings like hawai'i volcanoes National Park, yosemite national Park, and Gettysburg National Military park as well as urban settings like washington. With both structured and informal professional development opportunities, the bpi program is like no other internship out there. As a bpi consultant, you'll have access to some of the best professional development available, kicking off with a rigorous, week-long on-site training at a national park site. Over the next ten weeks, you'll develop critical business, policy, and communication skills you can't learn in the classroom. Get ready to put on your consulting hat as you work alongside professionals in the field, building a network of contacts and colleagues in a range of sectors and industries. Life After the bpi.

The position will facilitate a variety of communications activities, including digital advertising, influencer marketing, content marketing, corporate partnership activation, and events. This full-time position is based in Washington,. How to Apply, if you know you are the perfect candidate for one of these positions, we want to hear from you. Please refer to the full description of the position of interest for application details. The national Park foundation (NPF) provides equal employment opportunities to all people regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, ancestry, marital status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, or any other protected status as established. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other applicable laws, npf is committed to providing equal opportunity to qualified individuals with disabilities who, despite such disabilities, can perform their jobs with or without reasonable accommodation. . npf will attempt to provide reasonable accommodation to employees and job applicants with known disabilities, to permit them to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. "The bpi program will give you hands-on consulting experience with more freedom and responsibility than any other internship i know of - it is a bonus that you get to work with amazing people in an amazing location" - 2015 Summer Consultant, life during the bpi.

The director will design and implement the departments constituency relations plan and visit the field (local philanthropic groups as well as members of the national Park service field and other partners) to get a sense of community needs and assets. . This individual will ensure that the work accomplished by the team is good in alignment with npfs strategic plan. Vice President, Strategic Services. The national Park foundation is currently seeking an experienced and motivated Vice President, Strategic Services. The incumbent will be responsible for managing key systems, processes, and operations functions in service of the philanthropy department. Key areas of leadership and oversight include prospect research and tracking, donor database, gift processing, philanthropy communications, donor stewardship, and donor events. This position is also an essential source of counsel and thought leadership to the Chief Philanthropic Officer and coo regarding strategic philanthropic initiatives, including the development of an annual philanthropy department budget and workplan.

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Chief Program Officer, the Chief Program Officer (CPO) will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for strategic programs and partnership initiatives of the npf. This position serves in an important role integrating the grants and partnership work of npf and fostering close strategic relationships with key national and regional partners. . Internally, the cpo will act as a critical facilitator, reaching across the organization to foster a positive, collegial working environment. . The position will serve as key member of the senior management team. The cpo oversees a fy17 program budget of 65 million and a professional senior team of four Vice Presidents and one senior Vice President for Community partnerships. The cpo will focus on the following three areas: program leadership and management, external relationships, and knowledge management. To learn more about this position, click here. Director, community partnerships, the national Park foundation is seeking a director of Community partnerships to be primarily responsible for serving as the lead point of contact and project director for several Community partnership Initiatives supporting npfs larger wood strategic plan for building a continuum of engagement.

national parks business plan internship
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  2. Selected to participat e in competitive nps summer Business Plan Initiative (5 acceptance rate).

  3. As the official charitable partner of America s national parks, we help. En sure that the work accomplished by the team is in alignment with npf s strategic plan. Manage sca s intern program for the western Region.

  4. Nps internship: Frequently Asked questions. Take a look a t the following business plans for specific examples: Pinnacles National Park. To stay contemporary, the nps is pursuing more business-like practices in our. of the sca interns, another ten business plans will be completed this summer.

  5. Whatever your preference, you could find yourself right in the thick of it next su mmer as a national Parks Business Plan Intern. The national Parks bpi program. Net Impact and the national Park service seek top graduate students who are. Re lated programs for the prestigious Business Plan Internship (BPI) program.

  6. The national Parks Business Plan Internship (BPI) is a highly sele ctive summer program for top graduate students studying business, public. We also have high school and college internships which provide hand s-on experience, valuable knowledge and skills in helping you to meet. Kelly Chang and Jason Watkins from the national Park service delve into what is the national Park service, the bpi, what successful. Listen to members of the national Park service discuss everything you need to know about their agency, the business Plan Internship, the.

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