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Why would any woman who would refuse, properly, to take the marital vow of obedience (on the ground, presumably, that subservience to a mere human being is beneath human dignity) then regard as liberating a job that puts her under the authority of a boss. It is easy enough to see why women came to object to the role of Blondie, a mostly decorative custodian of a degraded, consumptive modern household, preoccupied with clothes, shopping, gossip, and outwitting her husband. But are we to assume that one may fittingly cease to be Blondie by becoming Dagwood? Is the life of a corporate underling— even acknowledging that corporate underlings are well paid—an acceptable end to our quest for human dignity and worth? It is clear enough by now that one does not cease to be an underling by reaching the top. Corporate life is composed only of lower underlings and higher underlings. Bosses are everywhere, and all the bosses are underlings.

I know that in many marriages both husband and wife are now finding it necessary to work away from home. This issue, of course, is troubled by the question of what is meant by necessary, but reports it is true that a family living that not so long ago was ordinarily supplied by one job now routinely requires two or more. My interest is not to quarrel with individuals, men or women, who work away from home, but rather to ask why we should consider this general working away from home to be a desirable state of things, either for people or for marriage, for our. If I had written in my essay that my wife worked as a typist and editor for a publisher, doing the same work that she does for me, no feminists, i daresay, would have written. Harpers to attack me for exploiting her—even though, for all they knew, i might have forced her to do such work in order to keep me in gambling money. It would have been assumed as a matter of course that if she had a job away from home she was a liberated woman, possessed of a dignity that no home could confer upon her. As I have said before, i understand that one cannot construct an adequate public defense of a private life. Anything that I might say here about my marriage would be immediately (and rightly) suspect on the ground that it would be only my testimony. But for the sake of argument, let us suppose that whatever work my wife does, as a member of our marriage and household, she does both as a full economic partner and as her own boss, and let us suppose that the economy we have. Why, granting that supposition, should anyone assume that my wife would increase her freedom or dignity or satisfaction by becoming the employee of a boss, who would be in turn also a corporate underling and in no sense a partner?

short essay on pleasure of gardening

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I know that i am in dangerous territory, and so i had better be plain: what I have to say about marriage and household I mean to apply to men as much as to women. I do not believe that there is trunk anything better to do than to make ones marriage and household, whether one is a man or a woman. I do not believe that employment outside the home is as valuable or important or satisfying as employment at home, for either men or women. It is clear to me from my experience as a teacher, for example, that children need an ordinary daily association with both parents. They need to see their parents at work; they need, at first, to play at the work they see their parents doing, and then they need to work with their parents. It does not matter so much that this working together should be what is called quality time, but it matters a great deal that the work done should have the dignity of economic value. I should say too that i understand how fortunate i have been in being able to do an appreciable part of my work at home.

short essay on pleasure of gardening

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To them, mine is homework not so powerful or necessary a pronoun as ours. This sort of marriage usually has at its heart a household that is to some extent productive. The couple, that is, makes around itself a household economy that involves the work of both wife and husband, that gives them a measure of economic independence and self-employment, a measure of freedom, as well as a common ground and a common satisfaction. Such a household economy may employ the disciplines and skills of housewifery, of carpentry and other trades of building and maintenance, of gardening and other branches of subsistence agriculture, and even of woodlot management and wood-cutting. It may also involve a cottage industry of some kind, such as a small literary enterprise. It is obvious how much skill and industry either partner may put into such a household and what a good economic result such work may have, and yet it is a kind of work now frequently held in contempt. Men in general were the first to hold it in contempt as they departed from it for the sake of the professional salary or the hourly wage, and now it is held in contempt by such feminists as those who attacked my essay. Thus farm wives who help to run the kind of household economy that I have described are apt to be asked by feminists, and with great condescension, but what do you do? By this they invariably mean that there is something better to do than to make ones marriage and household, and by better they invariably mean employment outside the home.

Marriage, in what is evidently its most popular version, is now on the one hand an intimate relationship involving (ideally) two successful careerists in the same bed, and on the other hand a sort of private political system in which rights and interests must. Marriage, in other words, has now taken the form of divorce: a prolonged and impassioned negotiation as to how things shall be divided. During their understandably temporary association, the married couple will typically consume a large quantity of merchandise and a large portion of each other. The modern household is the place where the consumptive couple do their consuming. Nothing productive is done there. Such work as is done there is done at the expense of the resident couple or family, and to the profit of suppliers of energy and household technology. For entertainment, the inmates consume television or purchase other consumable diversion elsewhere. There are, however, still some married couples who understand themselves as belonging to their marriage, to each other, and to their children. What they have they have in common, and so, to them, helping each other does not seem merely to damage their ability to compete against each other.

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short essay on pleasure of gardening

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It says nothing about our economy. There is no way, then, to escape the conclusion that my wife and i are subjected in these letters to a condemnation by same category. My offense is that i am a man who receives some help from his wife; my wifes offense is that she is a woman who does some work for her husband—which work, according to her critics and mine, makes her a drudge, exploited. And my detractors have, as one I say, no evidence to support any of this. Their accusation rests on a syllogism of the flimsiest sort: my wife helps me in my work, some wives who have helped their husbands in their work have been exploited, therefore my wife is exploited. This, of course, outrages justice to about the same extent that it insults intelligence. Any respectable system of justice exists in part as a protection against such accusations.

In a just society nobody is expected to plead guilty to a general indictment, because in a just society nobody can be convicted on a general indictment. What is required for a just conviction is a particular accusation that can be proved. My accusers have made no such accusation against. that feminists or any other advocates of human liberty and dignity should resort to insult and injustice is regrettable. It is equally regrettable that all of the feminist attacks on my essay implicitly deny the validity of two decent and probably necessary possibilities: marriage as a state of mutual help, and the household as an economy.

Some of them, indeed, might be fairly described as exclamatory. One of the letter writers described me as a fool and doubly a fool, but fortunately misspelled my name, leaving me a speck of hope that i am not the wendell Barry he was talking about. Two others accused me of self-righteousness, by which they seem to have meant that they think they are righter than I think. And another accused me of being more concerned about my own moral purity than with any ecological effect, thereby making the sort of razor- sharp philosophical distinction that could cause a person to be elected president. But most of my attackers deal in feelings either feminist or technological, or both. The feelings expressed seem to be representative of what the state of public feeling currently permits to be felt, and of what public rhetoric currently permits to be said.

The feelings, that is, are similar enough, from one letter to another, to be thought representative, and as representative letters they have an interest greater than the quarrel that occasioned them. without exception, the feminist letters accuse me of exploiting my wife, and they do not scruple to allow the most insulting implications of their indictment to fall upon my wife. They fail entirely to see that my essay does not give any support to their accusation—or if they see it, they do not care. My essay, in fact, does not characterize my wife beyond saying that she types my manuscripts and tells me what she thinks about them. It does not say what her motives are, how much work she does, or whether or how she is paid. Aside from saying that she is my wife and that i value the help she gives me with my work, it says nothing about our marriage.

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If summary I had guessed beforehand, i would have guessed that my supporters would have been fewer than one in a thousand. And so i suppose, after further reflection, that my surprise at the intensity of the attacks on me is mistaken. There are more of us than I thought. Maybe there is even a significant number. Only one of the negative letters seemed to me to have much intelligence. That one was from. Neff of Arlington, virginia, who scored a direct hit: Not to be obtuse, but being willing to bare my illiterate soul for improve all to see, is there indeed a work demonstrably better than Dantes.which was written on a royal standard typewriter? I like this retort so well that i am tempted to count it a favorable response, raising the total to four. The rest of the negative replies, like the five published ones, were more feeling than intelligent.

short essay on pleasure of gardening

An unusual number of people, however, neglected to ignore my insensitivity to the wonders train of computer enhancement. Some of us, it seems, would be better off if we would just realize that this is already the best of all possible worlds, and is going to get even better if we will just buy the right equipment. Harpers published only five of the letters the editors received in response to my essay, and they published only negative letters. But of the twenty letters received by the. Harpers editors, who forwarded copies to me, three were favorable. This I look upon as extremely gratifying. If these letters may be taken as a fair sample, then one in seven. Harpers readers agreed with.

rainy season, and cleaned at least twice a week. However, during autumn due to the shedding of the leaves, i have to clean it daily while always adding manure and plant medicine for the protection of these wonderful creations of God. A little bouquet of pretty flowers also makes a wonderful gift for birthdays and anniversaries. I am also thinking of including vegetables in my garden for it will save us the purchase of vegetables from the market and we may also sell them to other people at respectable sums of money. It is possible to grow the vegetables that are consumed daily and do not take up much space. It is always a great feeling to have my garden admired and appreciated by other people and it helps me feel like i have accomplished a great goal. Feminism, the body, and the machine by wendell Berry, some time ago, harpers reprinted a short essay of mine in which I gave some of my reasons for refusing to buy a computer. Until that time, the vast numbers of people who disagree with my writings had mostly ignored them.

They help us discover talents and abilities which we may never have known ourselves william to possess also giving us an insight of all the elements around us, making us learn new things each day. For instance, hobbies like stamp collecting, bird watching, photography, sports and music make our time worthwhile and give us information about different things. My hobby is gardening. The joy of witnessing blooming flowers and leaves fills my heart with a sense of achievement and realizing the fact that the work of my own hands is bearing fruit definitely gives me pleasure. Advertisements: Gardening also helps to keep me fit, strong and healthy for working away in my garden results in the beneficial kind of exercise that is good for both mind and body. I inherited the love for gardening from my mother and now with her help and interest; I have prepared a small garden in front of our porch. It is a thing of beauty with a grassy carpet and trimmed hedges. I grow several varieties of plants including the China rose, jasmines, ferns and gladioli in my garden. The recently purchased Christmas tree is a welcome addition too.

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Advertisements: read this short essay on my hobby! Through the course of our lives, we bide our time doing particular tasks that may either help us to earn our living or build the staircases to our futures and careers. However, amidst these compulsory tasks, most of us also do things which we enjoy doing. Such activities are called hobbies. Image curtsey: g, advertisements: Hobbies are activities which help us escape the daily grind of life and work and give us pleasure and peace of mind. Because we are not being ordered to perform certain jobs which we may not be fond of, hobbies help to inculcate an appreciation for work rather than driving us away from. The interesting thing about hobbies is that they dramatically improve our own personalities and character traits, therefore improving our performances better on the whole.

short essay on pleasure of gardening
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  3. I can be a feminist and still want a man in my life. Wendell Berry describes the importance of understanding the connection between eating and the land in order to extract pleasure from our food.

  4. Some time ago harpers reprinted a short essay of mine in which I gave some of my reasons for refusing to buy a computer. Until that time, the vast numbers of people who disagree with my writings had mostly ignored them. Despite being in my mid-50s, my brain hasnt yet given me the message that this has to end.

  5. Opium Made easy by michael Pollan Harper s Magazine, april 1, 1997. Last season was a strange one in my garden, notable not only for the unseasonably cool and wet weather—the talk of gardeners all over New England—but also for its climate of paranoia. Gardening : Gardening, the laying out and care of a plot of ground devoted partially or wholly to the growing of plants such as flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

  6. My grandmother, aged 65, is the sweet heart of the family. A strong argument for calling Magnolias Tulip Trees I grew up with a large southern Magnolia in a small backyard. Its great size dominated the space, smoth.

  7. Advertisements: read this short essay on, my hobby! Through the course of our lives, we bide our time doing particular tasks that may either help us to earn our living or build the staircases to our futures and careers. Like most other families in India, ours is a big joint family. My grandfather, aged 72, is the head of our family.

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