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The band had a cult following in the rust Belt. But the moment Kiss stepped into the studio, they deflated, unable to replicate the raucous energy of their live concerts. This may have been an impossible task. Since their first gig in 1973, the foursome had performed only in Kabuki-style makeup, black leather costumes, and towering platform shoes. Onstage, gene simmons, the Israeli-born bassist with a 7-inch tongue, spat fire and fake blood at the audience. Blasts of smoke and pyrotechnics punctuated hard-driving songs like strutter, deuce, and Black diamond. At the end of each set, drummer Peter Criss rose 10 feet above the stage atop a hydraulic drum riser.

Heres Johnny: Magic Moments From the tonight Show. As it turned out, no one wanted to listen to audio clips of a late-night talk show. The album was such a flop that distributors even mailed back their free promotional copies. Industry insiders joked that it had been shipped gold and returned platinum. Or as Casablanca cofounder Larry harris put it, It hit the floor with a lifeless, echoing thud. By the end of 1974, casablanca was broke. To make making payroll, bogart cashed in his line of credit at a las Vegas casino. The label seemed doomed. It needed a cheap hit just to survive. One of the bands on Casablancas roster was in similarly rough shape. Kiss, a flamboyant heavy metal outfit from New York city, had released three albums by sports the spring of 1975.

teddy roosevelt essay

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In 1974, The tonight Show drew 14 million viewers a night. The year before, as the ceo of Buddah Records, bogart had sold more than a million copies of a similar compilation titled. Dick Clark: 20 years of Rock n roll. Bogart was so confident. The tonight Show project that he envisioned the album as the first of four highlight records, stretching back decades. Before soundScan existed to track album sales, the recording homework industry conferred gold status to any album that shipped more than 500,000 copies. Bogart shipped 750,000 copies.

teddy roosevelt essay

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A few years earlier, hed made stars of the Isley brothers and Curtis mayfield, whose soundtrack for. Super Fly had been an instant hit. Now, at 31, he was watching his career crumble. But Bogart had a plan. As part of the split with Warner Bros., casablanca inherited a promising project: a double lp of audio highlights from. The tonight Show, starring Johnny carson. It seemed like a sure thing.

Do you agree with the ideas expressed by the cartoon? Printable pdf version Return to The Age of Imperialism: Lesson Plan. It was late 1974, and neil Bogart, ceo of Casablanca records, was falling apart. His wife of nine years had divorced him. Warner Bros., casablancas onetime parent company, had cut the fledgling label loose, saddling Bogart with crippling overhead and advertising costs. The companys headquarters—a two-story house off the sunset Strip that Bogart (no relation to humphrey) decorated to resemble ricks Cafe from the film. Casablanca —had devolved into a hedonistic playground awash in cocaine and quaaludes.

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teddy roosevelt essay

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Why did the day American consul in Cuba, fitzhugh lee, ask to have a battleship sent to havana harbor? What was the cubans' perception of the maine's presence? Do you think the United States had a right to station a battleship in the harbor? How might the Spanish-American War have been avoided through better communication and sensitivity on all sides? What is the meaning of Teddy roosevelt's motto "Speak softly, and carry a big stick" in regard to foreign policy? How did he implement this policy during his presidency?

What do you think of the policy? Study the political cartoon civilization Begins at Home. What is the cartoonist saying about American foreign policy? What attitudes toward foreign nations does the cartoonist think are wrong? What aspects of American history and society are criticized in the cartoon?

What did President Fillmore request in his letter to the japanese emperor, which was delivered by commodore perry? What role did Sanford Dole play in the downfall of the hawaiian monarchy? Who did the American press claim was responsible for the explosion of the. Who really did it? How did Teddy roosevelt become a national hero during the Spanish-American War? Why was the Spanish-American War called "a splendid little war"?

Why was the war in the Philippines less popular with the American people than the Spanish-American War had been? What were the fists of Righteous Harmony, or "Boxers rebelling against? What was the point of John hay's Open door policy? Why did Teddy roosevelt think it was important to complete the panama canal? Who was Cornelius Vanderbilt, and what did he attempt to do in Nicaragua? Section 3: Essay questions (15 points each) Select two of the following questions and write a short essay in response to each. What were some of the methods by which the United States expanded its economic and political influence around the world in the late 1800s and early 1900s? How did economic interests sometimes lead to military action? Cite specific examples—such as Japan, hawaii, cuba, the Philippines, China, panama, and/or Nicaragua—in your answer.

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Circular areas around American battleships within which their cannons could hit targets. Areas of make the Philippine jungle controlled by Emilio aguinaldo's troops. The desire of the United States to join the Atlantic and Pacific oceans led. The annexation of Nicaragua. The creation of the panama canal. The election of Teddy roosevelt as president. All of the above section 2: Short Answers (5 points each) Write a one- or two-sentence answer to each of the following questions.

teddy roosevelt essay

who fought in the Spanish-American War. A regiment of soldiers under Teddy roosevelt who fought in the Philippines War. None of the above, the war in the Philippines was a rebellion against American control led. Ramon Blanco y erenas. Spheres of influence were. Areas of China in which certain European nations claimed exclusive trading rights. Brilliant glass globes used in Hawaiian religious ceremonies.

The publication of the comic strip "The yellow Kid.". The introduction of a dissertation new, yellow-tinted paper for newsprint. Printing sensational stories designed to sell newspapers. A strict code of journalistic ethics that prevents stories from being exaggerated. The battle of Manila bay resulted. The sinking of the. The opening of China to United States trade. Negotiations between Commodore perry and the japanese government.

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Section 1: Multiple Choice (2 points each). Circle the letter of the item that best completes each sentence. Many Americans in the late report 1800s believed the United States should expand its influence in the pacific, including. All of the above, commodore perry began his quest to open Japan to American trade by bringing a squadron of ships into. Queen Liliuokalani was granted the right to rule hawaii. The constitution of 1887. The Spanish-American War was touched off by the explosion of the. The term yellow journalism refers.

teddy roosevelt essay
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Kermit roosevelt.—called "Kim" as was standard for the alternating generations of Kermits in the roosevelt family —was born to kermit roosevelt. And Belle wyatt roosevelt (née willard) in buenos Aires in 1916, where roosevelt.

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  1. (brother of Robert roosevelt and James. Roosevelt, all sons of Cornelius roosevelt). Here's The famous Populist Speech Teddy roosevelt gave right After Getting Shot.

  2. Information about, teddy roosevelt the 26th president of the United States. Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games. Was born on October 27, 1858, at East 20th Street in New York city. He was the second of four children born to socialite martha Stewart "Mittie" Bulloch and businessman and philanthropist Theodore roosevelt.

  3. Buy the big Burn: Teddy roosevelt and the fire that saved America on m free shipping on qualified orders. Keeping the Spirit Alive. The Theodore roosevelt Association is a historical and public service organization dedicated to perpetuating the memory and ideals of Theodore roosevelt.

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