Book review of harry potter and the philosopher's stone

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With the help of a noble if nitwitted giant, a few inept but big-hearted student magicians, even a concerned if somewhat distant centaur, harry takes on powers bigger and stronger than him, growing older and wiser in the process. You don't have to be a wizard or a kid to appreciate the spell cast. cathy hainer, a staff reporter for usa today, is also a lifelong fan of kids' books.

Chips come to mind. The only difference: the professors. Harry, potter are television magicians, not Oxford dons. At Hogwarts, harry throws himself into the school experience, making friends, rooting for his "house pulling pranks, avoiding studying at all cost. Given that he's a student wizard, he expository also hatches a dragon, evades the resident poltergeist and learns to ride a broom. He even becomes a star player at quidditch, a popular game, sort of like soccer played high up in the air on broomsticks. But he also encounters evil professor Snape, who. Harry and his friends fear has the most wicked of intentions - to steal the sorcerer's stone, which promises eternal life. Harry, potter also has echoes of children's classics Charlie and the Chocolate factory and. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.

book review of harry potter and the philosopher's stone

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Rowling's rags-to-riches story is much like the central tale. Harry, potter : An orphaned baby, potter is taken in by an odious aunt and uncle and spends his childhood trying to escape the fat fists of his spoiled cousin Dudley. His only solace comes from escaping to his room, a cramped cupboard under the stairs. But then a wondrous thing happens, as they are wont to do in books about shakespeare sorcerers. Harry 's 11th birthday, he receives a letter announcing his acceptance to the hogwarts School for Witchcraft and wizardry, the best school for young witches and wizards in all the land. Harry 's real parents were prominent spellcasters killed by their rival, the evil wizard Voldemort. So off, harry goes, departing through an invisible platform at King's Cross station to arrive at Hogwarts, where he commences studies in Potions, Spells and Defense Against the dark Arts, all guaranteed to graduate first-rate wizards. Here, harry, potter takes on the tones of a much-loved fiction genre, the British boys' school reminiscence. Classics such as Kingsley amis' lucky jim and James Hilton's goodbye,.

book review of harry potter and the philosopher's stone

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But no amount of gray hair need end the pleasure of reading children's books. Stories aimed for young readers japanese are often guileless, seeking fun for fun's sake. Yet they can be just as witty, suspenseful and thought-provoking as adult reads, minus the angst. Case in point: Harry, potter and the sorcerer's Stone,. The book, released stateside last month, was a huge hit when issued last year in the United Kingdom, topping the adult best seller list as well as the kids'. The sequel, already released in England, leaped to the top of the adult hardcover best seller lists. Part of the attention has focused on author. Rowling, a struggling single mom living on the dole, who scribbled the manuscript at an Edinburgh cafe.

She does all of this without ever making it feel cliché or forced. In the end, things turned out a lot like we had anticipated, but Rowling kept us guessing right up until the very end. To her credit, harry's world is one where the specter of death looms over everyone - just like our own - and we're never entirely sure about the safety of anyone. The conclusion of Harry potter's story is a masterfully told tale of love, loss, hope and the triumph of good over evil. And with this paramount work,. Rowling secures her place in the pantheon of classic fantasy authors like. There's nothing fun about the aging process. The memory goes bad.

harry potter, and the sorcerer's stone

book review of harry potter and the philosopher's stone

Harry potter and the Philosopher's, stone by jk rowling

And there are certain passages - like the conversation between Harry and another character "at the close" - that read more like epic poetry than paper something out of a modern-day fantasy novel. The book is 36 chapters (759 pages in all) and seems to be presented in four movements. The action begins with Harry's departure from the dursley's, but let's just say it's not exactly a trip to Platform 9 3/4 this time. We then follow Harry, ron and Hermione on a quest through the English countryside, hiding from death Eaters and in search of Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes. The action then turns to the mystery of the deathly hallows - a trio of legendary relics that have fascinated curious wizards for ages, including Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. Finally, the action comes to a gut-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat climax with the battle of Hogwarts. Blood is shed, lives are lost, and Harry and Voldemort face-off once and for all.

We had high hopes that Rowling would leave no stone unturned in this last installment, and sure enough she manages to answer every single question and illuminate the secrets behind every mystery. What's the deal with Snape? Does Dumbledore have one last trick up his entombed sleeve? Rowling, beyond just resolving outstanding issues, the author brings the entire series full circle by giving most of her memorable characters from the saga some sort of role to play in the finale - everyone from Buckbeak the hippogriff to Professor Trelawny sees some kind. And even after wrapping things up with a fine finish, rowling delights by including a flash-forward epilogue that further satisfies our curiosity with a 30-something glimpse of the surviving heroes. .

Rowling has delivered an emotionally-charged, action-packed, and completely satisfying conclusion to the magical Harry potter series. Spoiler warning: It should go without saying since you're reading a review of the book, but some spoilers for. Harry potter and the deathly hallows are mentioned beyond this point. We're not giving everything away, but the structure of the novel and key plot points are discussed. With each novel in the boy-wizard series, rowling seems to have evolved her characters along with her storytelling. Each book saw Harry, ron, hermione and friends changing and growing older, as Rowling's style matured in tandem.

There's no doubt that she's grown as an author over the course of the series, but the evolution seems more like an intentional effort to have the complexity of the book itself mirror the state of the characters and the world they live. Harry potter and the deathly hallows is the culmination of all this. Far from the simple story of an orphan boy living under the stairs, we've now come to an epic showdown between the forces of good and evil. Appropriately, hallows is a very different book than any of the previous ones. The sense of humor, wonderment, and charm that are present in many of the previous books is largely absent here. There are light moments, of course, but the time for cracking jokes about booger-flavored jelly beans is over. Rowling's writing style reflects the gravity of the events in her fantasy world, as she takes an overall get-down-to-business approach with her prose. That's not to say the book is overly straight-forward.

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Sign up resume to access the rest of the document. Children's book review: Harry potter and the Prisoner of azkaban. Rowling, hippie author, mary GrandPre, illustrator Scholastic.99 (435p) isbn. Advertisement, advertisement, more from publishers weekly. Rowling delivers a truly magical finale. By ign staff, it's been a long time coming. And those of us that have stuck with Harry potter over the course of his decade-long publishing life, have been anticipating the events of "book seven" since the very beginning. So, does the conclusion live up to ten years worth of expectations? Harry potter and the deathly hallows,.

book review of harry potter and the philosopher's stone

Sorcerers assignment Stone beholds: Harry is a new, young wizard being introduced to a complicated, beautiful, magical world for the first time. Grab the Illustrated Edition here via amazon (for about 22 the cheapest price weve seen so far) or visit a local bookstore. One quick warning for Americans: Barnes noble, the countrys only remaining bookstore chain, is selling the Illustrated Edition for the full 40 price tag in their stores. You can grab it for about 15 cheaper on their own website, but they wont bend on the price in store. They told me they dont price match their own website which I think is a bad move. This preview has intentionally blurred sections. Sign up to view the full version. View Full Document, this is the end of the preview.

like downgrading my phone. Sure, those original books will always hold sentimental value, but as people whove already read those copies numerous times, its time for something new — and yet completely familiar. Im so glad Scholastic and Bloomsbury have teamed up to this see the Illustrated Editions through. Remember: Theyve previously announced that theyve intended to release one new Illustrated Edition every year. I cant wait to see all of these books lined up on my book shelf around the year 2022. And can you imagine how big the later books will be? Skimming through, sorcerers Stone, i found a few illustrations in particular that really stand out. Kays interpretation of nearly headless Nick makes me wish he had a little more color in him in the movie: And these two illustrations depicting, harry with Hagrid and Dumbledore remind you of the wonder.

Eight years may have passed, but I was no less excited than I was those many summers ago when I picked up new. In a way, these, harry, potter books are new. Paging through the Illustrated Edition brings back the magic and wonder you felt while reading the series for the first time. Jim kays illustrations are simply gorgeous — theyre peppered throughout the story in different shapes and sizes, and perfectly blend with Rowlings words. Our suspicions leading up to this release were correct: This Illustrated Edition is wider and taller than other versions of the. Potter books in order to accommodate the combination of Rowlings words and kays illustrations. Printed in full color with a slight gloss, turning each page is an exciting prospect: What pdf will I find when I move forward? The publishers say there are over 100 illustrations in the book, and I found them nicely distributed throughout the story. Some pages hold only text, but most of them have some sort of illustration to break up the words.

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Those of us whove read the. Harry, potter series fell in love because of the wonder of it all. This weeks release of the first Illustrated Edition brings back that magic. I visited a good bookstore bright and early tuesday morning to pick up a copy. Harry, potter and the sorcerers Stones, illustrated Edition. Its the first time ive been in a bookstore to purchase. Harry, potter book since july 2007.

book review of harry potter and the philosopher's stone
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Harry potter and the Philosopher s Stone - the book that started it all. Book review : Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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  1. Harry potter adventure, set once again at the hogwarts School for Witchcraft and wizardry. Harry, how you have grown! Monday marks the 20th anniversary of the boy wizard s fictional debut.

  2. View Notes, harry potter and the goblet of Fire, book review from english 9 at Richmond Christian School, richmond. Book review, the book. I am reading is called, harry potter and the goblet. Rowling proves that she has plenty of tricks left up her sleeve in this third.

  3. Order of phoenix, harry potter has no idea how famous. ThatS because heS being raised by his miserable aunt and uncle who are terrified. Harry will learn that heS really a wizard, just as his parents were.

  4. Harry potter and the cursed Child book review : Where love still trumps death From the very first act, rowling and her co-writers have cast Carpe retractum, the seize-and-pull charm, plunging the reader right back into that magical world we have all grown to love. Genre: Fantasy publisher: Bloomsbury Children. Books, publication Date: 6th October 2015 The Blurb: Prepare to be spellbound by jim kay s dazzling depiction of the wizarding world and much loved characters in this full-colour illustrated hardback edition of the nation s favourite children s book, harry potter and the Philosopher. Book review of harry potter and the.

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