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The career Tree ignites the motivation of your current students, but its also an amazing recruitment tool. Yes, its the students already in your classroom who are interacting with the Tree daily and envisioning their future careers and lifestyles, but when they do this, it attracts more of the right students to your program. Opening the eyes of Parents, posted by, mark. Perna filed under, best Practices, enrollment retention, marketing, parent Engagement. Before you can reach students, you have to reach their parents. If youre trying to connect with young people on any level in the education and workforce development sectors, you may have experienced the challenge of gaining parental buy-in. Maybe its the value of career-focused education that they just dont realize.

It takes the sales time it takes. Career Education reality 3: resume Its for everyone. Posted by, mark. Perna filed under, educational leadership, enrollment retention. In this series, we will be looking at several foundational realities of career-focused education in todays rapidly changing economy. Todays blog is about the third reality: why career education is for everyone. Lets say you are a pretty good student just starting high school. None of the career-focused programs offered at your high school. Recruiting More right Students with the career Tree. Perna filed under, best Practices, career Tree, enrollment retention.

business paperwork retention

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While that might not be possible, encourage new hires to sample your snacks, beverages, and way retail items. If they know what theyre going to be selling, theyll be better at selling. Encourage questions and dialogue. Employees should feel that the can talk with the management team, so set this tone from the get-go by letting new hires know they can talk to you. Make yourself available and approachable. Extend the onboarding for a long as you need. You dont have to tell a new hire everything they need to know on the first day, or even in the first week.

business paperwork retention

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But on that first day, make sure to tell them only what they need to know. New hires often describe onboarding as a mind numbing experience because of all the talk of policies and focus on filling out forms. Dont overwhelm your new hires or bore them to death. Anything that can be learned later should be learned later. Dont make them do all the paperwork at once if possible. As we just mentioned, paperwork is no fun for anyone, and sitting around signing a million forms is pretty much the death of motivation. Forms that can be signed later can be signed later. Encourage them to try your products and services. Can you offer mini welcome treatments, during which time new hires can see their colleagues at work and get to know them?

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business paperwork retention

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Add personal messages of welcome to this package. It will go a long way towards making someone feel welcome. Research shows that workers particularly millennials want to feel that their work is essay meaningful, and in some cases this is even more important than salary. To instill motivation, impart from the get-go that their job will improve the lives of others, and how. Make them part of the team.

Take everyone out to lunch if you can, so people can get to know each other. The new guy or girl will feel awkward unless there is a concerted effort made to include them. Also, making friends at work is key to employee happiness (and, therefore, employee retention). Tell them what and they need to know on the first day and only what they need to know. Share your organizational structure, and who they report. Make sure they know their kpis and success measures. Set your expectations and make sure they are understood.

If you havent got an onboarding plan, create one. You know what training is required and what success looks like in your organization. Onboarding can be awful. Unfortunately, office human Resources departments can turn onboarding into a chore for everyone. Spas, on the other hand, are in a unique position to make a fantastic first impression on new employees.

Employees should feel welcome, motivated, and empowered from the minute they arrive. Here are some ways to improve your onboarding process and set new hires up for success. Communicate with new employees before their start date. Send a welcome email communicating your enthusiasm at having them on board, outlining what to expect during the first few days, and asking if they have any questions. Make the first day awesome. Make sure they have a designated space of their own, even if its just a cubby, set up with their name. Say welcome with gifts and messages. As a spa or salon with an available array of wellness, skin care, and beauty products, you couldnt be better positioned to make a new employee feel special with a welcome gift that isnt a pen, notebook, or water bottle (unless its one of these.

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As the number of spa visits continues to grow, so does the demand for skilled therapists and service providers. And finding and retaining skilled and qualified staff is consistently cited paperless as one of the biggest reviews challenges for the industry. Note that finding people for your team is only half the battle here. Retaining them is crucial to business success. Employee acquisition is far more costly than retention, so once you have those skilled team members, you really want to keep them. This involves onboarding, skills development, and succession tracking. Here well tack the first if these: onboarding. You have to properly onboard new hires, or you are setting everyone up to fail. Also, research shows that companies with good onboarding programs can nearly double their revenue growth and profit margins, compared to companies with only average onboarding.

business paperwork retention

Pre-paperless records are left to languish. Since The paper Tiger is a software program that helps you deal with document management and records retention, we thought this article by ramona Creel would be a helpful checklist in addition to our blog post copied from irs. Records Retention guidelines by ramona Creel feel free to use this tip sheet / dissertation checklist. We thought the following information, taken from the recordkeeping section of irs. Gov, would be helpful in getting organized in your paper filing system and in deciding document management retention. The paper Tiger will help you not only keep track of your paper files, but can help you keep track of when to discard records if). Theres a good chance youre going to be hiring new staff this coming year.

have to decide what paper files to keep and how long to keep them. Document your retention schedule so you dont have to decide each year whats best for your situation, then. This article by denise landers, founder and ceo of key organization Systems Inc. And a paper Tiger Expert, will help you get ready for tax time, get your filing system in order, and help you decide what you need to keep. Denise also recommends The paper Tiger Document Management and Filing System software to help. Documentation is a living, breathing, evolving science. Each century, decade and year brings changes and new challenges in the needs for documentation and retention requirements and guidelines. Paperless systems are implemented and fail.

Paperless systems are implemented and on average fail, because systems are. Hopefully you have a plan to using go through your paper files periodically to purge out what is no longer needed. Whether its a last minute scramble to gather your tax information or an effort to file away this years information, your file cabinets will begin to be overstuffed if not purged. This raises an important. We found this document specific to canadian record keeping for tax time from the canada revenue agency (cra and have posted in part below. Please review the entire document at Canada revenue agency, which contains information such as: -methods and requirements of keeping records, -what to do if you want to destroy records early, -requirements. Document Management how Long do i have to keep my paper Files? By ramona Creel At work, at home, no matter who you are or what you do — we are all bombarded with paper.

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By now, youve probably heard the term record retention policy or document retention policy. But do you have one? Or are you asking if you should have one? From our research, if you have any kind of business, (no matter the size or how many employees you have you should definitely have a written policy. Filing systems and document retention is a living, breathing, evolving science. Each year brings changes and new challenges in the needs for document filing and retention requirements review and guidelines. Governments, organizations and businesses struggle to keep up with the ever changing flow of paperwork.

business paperwork retention
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Some customers will be less inclined to switch insurance carriers if they know they have to fill out a bunch of new paperwork. information Management as an end-to-end solution to take care of all of your business -critical paperwork /information/data/workflows.

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  1. mortgage lending business, being even a day late when a borrower is in the market for a mortgage loan usually means your paycheck ends. As the owner of a business, it is your responsibility to make sure that your company keeps track of all of its important paperwork. that generate paperwork no one reads — but that is most definitely not the case with the tfs strategic planning process at moore norman. name- and address-change paperwork, and documents associated with continuing education classes such as class rosters and sign-in sheets.

  2. Dysart President The dysart Group, Inc. The academic year is coming to a close and the time is right to think about retention. much to be done and so little time to do everything and to make all the necessary decisions, let alone stay current with the paperwork. As an Affiliate Provider, a partnership with FocusOne allows you to generate business without the paperwork and phone calls.

  3. Dont Miss These Increased Deductions for. Business, vehicles Dont lose your head under stacks of receipts and paperwork! mountains of paperwork is time consuming and stressful for your accounting team who have more important matters to attend to after all.

  4. Century, decade and year brings changes and new challenges in the needs for documentation and retention requirements and guidelines. for email retention related to business transactions or open records requests that determine what should be retained and how long. to play the role of strategic business partner as the success of companies depend on the human capital and leverage of their potential. Having a retention strategy in place to capture these individuals needs to be an imperative business practice.

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