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Large firms are now moving towards horizontal or flattening of the organisational pyramid and in some cases adapt the inverted pyramid which emphasise on bottom up flow of information. With these trends, according to a survey conducted by iaap, 73 percent out of 3,100 admin professionals have stated an increase in responsibility at work. This is due to the organisations' practise of empowerment, the creation of a learning organisation and focusing on innovation as their business strategy. In this case, the large firms are now more or less operating like small firms. Moreover, the administrative management role and level are also varying with the type of organisations. There is numerous numbers of organisations operating in many industries and therefore, each organisation may be different in term of its adaptation in managing its internal activities. For examples, health firms are different from financial institutions, and fast-food firms are different from online businesses. Each firm has different strategies in order to survive and succeed in their respective industries and therefore, it influences the way they manage their activities to pursue their targets.

In general, managers in large firms definitely have more administrative roles (informational, decisional and interpersonal) as they have more interactions with people who report to them as well as greater responsibilities on managing enormous amount of information. With massive information, managers are now intensely challenged with their decision making quality. In contrast, in small firms, the management roles are lesser than in large firms. As for example, in term of informational, spokesperson and disseminator roles are not really needed in small firms as it only focuses more on monitoring. Whereas, in term of interpersonal, the roles as a figurehead and liaison are less in importance but the leadership role might be very useful and finally, in term of decisional, the basic manager's role as a disturbance handler is not really needed in small firms. In addition, in small organisation, the management level usually has less than three levels. The middle management level is the one that is usually eliminated due to the small scale nature of the organisation. Therefore, in a small organisation, an administrative manager may deal with all support services. However, it does not necessarily mean that the management's done roles are different because of the size of the organisations. This is because many large firms have now used advance and sophisticated technology to lessen the complexity of data and information processing as well as to assist their decision making. Therefore, with the assistance of databases and nanotechnology devices and it can reduce the roles of informational, interpersonal and decisional by managers.

essay on administration

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This is important in administrative management because a weakness in a subsystem can have an effect on another. In general, there are three categories of management's role, which are interpersonal, informational and decisional. Basically, informational refers to managing by information, interpersonal refers to managing through people and finally, decisional refers to managing through actions (Daft samson 2009). To support these roles, as stated by McLean (2005/2006,. 16 administrative managers must also possess the requisite skills to facilitate strategic partnering such as being a transformational leader and an agent for change'. Meanwhile, the level of management usually comprises of three levels namely top, middle and supervisory or operating levels. This represents the traditional perspectives on managing organisation especially in large writing firms but some of them have now restructured and reshaped their organisation hierarchy due to the rapid changes in the environment such as advance information technology equipments and devices. However, these roles and levels of management are varying with respect to the size of organisation. In other words, the roles and levels of management in large organisations such as woolworths and Coles Supermarkets which have thousands of employees are different, or at least in term of priority, from the roles and levels of management in small firms, as for example.

essay on administration

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Information and technology are priceless in today's rapid environment where it can spur the organisation to improve, best grow and excel. Therefore, it is vital to manage them and its people efficiently in order to achieve greater organisational performance. Conversely, the classical view on Henri fayol's administrative theory, he set out to improve organisational performance from the top level down as he focused on the principles used by managers to co-ordinate internal organisation activities (Wren 2003, cited in Bartol. It was well practised in the industrial era but somehow it has now been tailored to cope with the dynamic environment of knowledge-based economy. Nevertheless, the main idea of administrative management has always been the same, which is to manage all internal activities hand-in-hand for favourable outcomes. In other words, according to McLean (2005/2006,. 16 administration is the essential glue that holds the organisation together'. Analysis on Administrative management's Role and level in Regards to size and Type of Organisation. Administrative manager is the one who held the greatest responsibility in managing and synchronising the organisational internal activities in idea to achieve greater performance and hence, to achieve the organisation's objectives.

Introduction, this essay initially will define administrative management and how it differs and similar from its classical view, that is, the administrative management theory of Henri fayol. Its purpose is to demonstrate the importance of administrative management in any organisation by managing its information, acknowledging its internal customers, which are the employees, and hence, enhancing efficiency and productivity. This essay also illustrates the role and level of administrative management coupled with an investigation on how it varies according to the size and type of organisation. Within this context, arguments are presented based on credible sources to support the evaluation as to confirm its validity. This will be followed by a thorough analysis on the four key aspects of administrative management; information, communication, technology and people management. This essay is going to discuss the importance of each key aspect and eventually decides and suggests which aspects should be prioritised by an organisation. It is however, can still be argued to some extent to which how it affects on administrative management as the conditions of organisations are nowadays strongly influenced by the ever-changing and dynamic environment. Administrative management Definition, administrative management is the management of information, the systems that house information and the technology and people that maximise productivity' (Odgers 2005,. In other words, administrative management is now focusing more on information and technology as compared to its adaptation in the past.

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essay on administration

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But the public administrator will always be an artisan, making value judgments on the basis of these scientific truths, even though he may also be required to happy be a scientist. Public Administration Public administration is a broad field of administration while Private administration is a limited one. According to nigro and Nigro, government is different also in that no private company can equal it in size and diversity of activities. Even more important is the great scope of government activities, affecting the entire economic and social structure of the country. Public administrationprivate administration broad field of administration; Limited field of administration; Official actions are based on public trust carrying legal accountability; Not necessarily based on public trust; limited legal accountability; Relatively routine decision-making procedure; Unlimited in decision-making procedure; maintenance of internal status quo; Dynamic entrepreneurship; Actuations subject. Public Administration The official actions of public administrators are based on public trust carrying legal accountability.

1 of Article xi of the 1987 Constitution of the republic of the Philippines provides that: Public office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must at all times be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency; act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives. Public Administration According to former Senate President Gil. Puyat wrote on August 30, 1979 the following message in his notes: to be given the opportunity to serve the people is indeed a priceless gift that a country can give a citizen. For a citizen who is given this opportunity and who would serve less than his very best in dedication and performance, indeed has committed or is committing an act of apostasy. Analysis on administrative management's role and level and its four key aspects.

The capacity of government to perform its function s, however, rests with its public administration being attuned to the realities of the times. Peculiarities of Public Administration, is Public Administration an Art or a science? Peculiarities of Public Administration, according to White: The art of administration is the direction, coordination, and control of many persons to achieve some purpose or objective. It is a dynamic art, taking the human and physical resources available in a system of administration and bending them to the achievement of some required goal. It is the central, over-all disposition of forces, bringing into focus and consistency of action elements often widely dispersed. It is an art that pervades all levels of organization, binding together the many professions, crafts, and specialists whose contributions although equally necessary are not those of management.

Peculiarities of Public Administration, according to avery leiserson and Fritz morstein Marx: A science of administration would be a body of formal statements describing invariant relationships between measurable objects, units, or elements. Unquestionably, administrative research has produced definite precepts and hypothesis that are applicable to concrete situations. But what administrators visualize as particularly valuable goes beyond that. They are interested in the techniques of systematizing the process of securing and sifting relevant information so that the factors involved in arriving at a policy decision can be stated and the consequences of alternatives can be analyzed and balanced. Peculiarities of Public Administration According to Arsenio. Talingdan: The question as to whether public administration is a science or not is as open when it was first raised. However, it may, in the future become more and more scientific. One might even say that further scientific truths on human behavior and interaction will be established. In many other fields, scientists will provide facts for the public administrators use.

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Nature of Public Administration, according to hippie barry. Richman and Melvyn Copen define administration as follows: Administration is basically an organizational process concerned with the implementation of objectives and plans and internal operating efficiency. It often connotes bureaucratic structure and behavior, relatively routine decision making and maintenance of the internal status quo. Administration is not limited to large organizations; White considers it as applicable to all kinds of group effort. Nature of Public Administration, administration is a process common to all effort, public or private, civil or military, large scale or small scale. It is a process at work in a department store, a bank, a university or high school, a railroad, a hotel, or a city government. According to Brooks Adams: Administration is the capacity of coordinating many and often conflicting, shakespeare social energies in a single organism, so adroitly that they shall operate as a unity. Nature of Public Administration.

essay on administration

White, it is concerned with action in particular concrete situations, but in accordance movie with long-range objectives. In effect he clarifies the concept of government in action. What should be the scope of public administration? Should it be principally limited to the administration of the governments bureaucracy? Should its objectives be the total administration of the administrative machinery of government? Nature of Public Administration, for Robert Presthus: Public administration is concerned with the institutional framework of government, its socio-economic and political milieu, and the behavior of the individuals who man the bureaucratic machine. Public administration should also be concerned with the formulation of public policies and the implementation of government programs. Nature of Public Administration, public administration is that aspect of administration occurring under the formal aegis of government at every level. (Robert Presthus) If it is only an aspect of administration, then what is administration?

if necessary, a gradual and pragmatic manner of action in responding to such needs. Nature of Public Administration, public administration in carrying out public policies brings the different administrative structures of government into a single organ of administration. In doing so it means its adherence to such public policies and accepted management principles and practices prevailing at that time. Considering the functions of government and the administrative organizations formed to attain them, the task of public administration is a very complicated one as compared to that of business administration. Public administration requires a lot of coordination, problem solving and decision making activity. Nature of Public Administration, public administration calls for not only the active participation of the politicians but also of all sectors of society if it is to succeed in overcoming the many administrative and socio-economic problems of the nation. The total involvement of all sectors of society in the life of the nation is an imperative requirement for national survival, as well as for the attainment of national greatness. Scope of Public Administration, public administration calls for action, and as defined by leonard.

public Administration is the art and science of management as applied to affairs of the state. Source: Cabo, wilhelimina. (1997) pm 201 Theory and Practice of Public Administration. University of the Philippines Open University. Meaning of Public Administration, public Administrationis the action part of the government, the means by which the purposes and goals of government are realized. Public Administration as a field of study is mainly concerned with using the means to implement political values. Public Administration can best be identified with the executive branch of government. Public Administration differs from political science in its emphasis on the bureaucratic structure and behavior and its methodologies. Meaning of Public Administration, public Administration differs from administrative science in the evaluative techniques used by nonprofit organizations, and because profit-seeking organizations are considerably less constrained in considering public interest in their decision-making structures and the behavior of their administrators.

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Understanding Public Administration, meaning of Public Administration, from a very broad perspective, public administration may be viewed to refer not only to those activities involved in carrying out or in implementing the essay policies and programs of the government but also the processes and contents. Meaning of Public Administration, from a broader perspective, public administration may refer to cooperative human action whether within the public bureaucracy, the private sector, or in nongovernmental organizations aimed at delivering services to the people. Meaning of Public Administration, public administration is also a distinct field of study; it is considered both a professional and scholarly discipline. As such, it is concerned with the public policies and programs, their formulation and implementation, and the socio-cultural, economic and political factors bearing on them. It deals with the systematic study of institutions and processes and the interplay of factors involved in authoritative decision-making on goals, in implementing, and in achieving desired results. Is there a philippine public Administration? (eds) Introduction to pa in the Philippines: a reader. Meaning of Public Administration, public Administration is the organization and management of men and materials to achieve the purposes of government.

essay on administration
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