Persuasive essay about environmental problems

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The best rule of thumb is, whenever you make a claim or point that isn't common sense, you need to back. One of the best ways to do this, however, is in reverse. Let the evidence lead to your arguments - bringing the reader with you. Good: "A recent poll shows that 51 of young white millennials believe they suffer as much discrimination as minorities. Young white millennials may believe in having racial equality, but they also believe that they've already found. 1, good: "Equality and liberty aren't just good for individuals, they're good for society. Furthermore, the lack of this liberty is said to be a source of perversion and demoralization to everyone involved, and prevents any really vital improvement. In the social condition of the human race (Mill, 98).

Good: "Affirmative action relegates minorities to "helpless" status, keeps the best minds from the best positions, and should be eliminated.". Bad: "Affirmative action does help many minorities, but it hurts some other groups as well.". Note that you can persuade people to be open-minded. Saying "affirmative action is a nuanced issue in need or serious overhaul, not to be destroyed or continued completely still shows you taking solution a strong, defendable stance. 2, use clear, directed topics sentences to begin each paragraph. Consider the beginning of each paragraph as a mini-thesis statement. This allows your argument to flow cohesively. You build the argument brick by brick for the reader so there is no confusion. Good: "The destruction of the world's rainforests also destroys the incredible potential to find medical and scientific breakthroughs in the diverse, mysterious ecosystem.". Good: "The rainforest is home to a wide variety of plants and animals that may have medical and scientific benefits - benefits we lose if we keep destroying.". Bad: "Destroying the rainforest is not a good thing." 3, interweave facts and references to back up your claims.

persuasive essay about environmental problems

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If everybody made a small effort to improve their local environment, pollution would be reduced gradually and the global situation would improve. We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, part 1, writing Persuasively 1, choose a strong, defendable stance for your thesis statement. The thesis statement is your argument boiled down to one sentence. For a persuasive essay, this statement needs to take a strong, active stance on the issue. Don't try oliver and play both sides and be wishy-washy - it won't persuade anyone.

persuasive essay about environmental problems

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In my opinion, it would be great if recycling centres paid people for the rubbish they brought. But in spite of all the advantages of recycling, there is still a lot of waste everywhere. Many people don't want to sort their rubbish. Some areas still have plenty of landfill space and no recycling centres. They find it rather expensive to transport materials for recycling to big cities. To my mind, there must be more recycling centres not only in big cities, but in small towns as well. Besides, people should be educated about the importance of recycling. In general, recycling is good for the environment. What is more, it is an interesting and profitable business.

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persuasive essay about environmental problems

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I think that governments must work together with environmentalists to plan fight deforestation and to prevent the disappearance of "the lungs of our planet". Everybody understands that we should recycle our waste. However, most people continue disposing of it in the usual way. Recycling is an important issue nowadays. Unfortunately, people have always polluted their surroundings. The development of big industrial cities has led to the concentration of huge amounts of waste into small areas. Disposal of waste has become a major problem.

When rubbish is burnt, this pollutes the atmosphere. When it is buried in landfill sites, it can cause pollution of water supplies. So the obvious solution of this problem is recycling. I strongly feel that everybody can help recycle waste by collecting litter and by sorting rubbish into different categories. Paper, glass and plastic can be sold to recycling companies. Recycled waste can be made into new products and it can help save natural resources. Some waste can also be used to produce electricity or to make soil for growing fruit and vegetables.

Worryingly, rainforests are disappearing at an alarming rate owing to deforestation, river pollution and soil erosion. Quite a lot of people still don't know what effect the destruction of the rainforest may have on the world climate. To my mind, tropical rainforests are very important for our planet because they are home to a great variety of plants, insects, birds and animals. Tropical rainforests are called the "world's largest pharmacy" because a lot of natural medicines have been discovered there. More than half of the world's species of plants and animals are found in rainforests.

They also offer a way of life to many people living in and around the forest. What is more, rainforests are the lungs of our planet because they produce a significant amount of the world's oxygen. Unfortunately, rainforests continue disappearing. Some people say that we need more land for agriculture and more trees for timber. They continue killing animals and picking up herbs and rare flowers. Rainforests also have value as tourism destinations. But the increasing number of tourists may damage the local environment. I strongly feel that people must be careful with nature. To conclude, if people want to be healthy and to live happily on Earth, they must preserve rainforests.

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But they are wrong. Everybody must take part in reducing pollution. To conclude, if we want to be evernote healthy, to drink small clean water and to breathe fresh air, we should take care of the environment and help improve our lives on Earth. There is a lot of discussion about the destruction of rain forests. Some people don't care about this problem, while others feel that the rain forest must be preserved. Nowadays rainforests occupy a relatively small area. One can find them in south America and Indonesia, in Thailand and Sri lanka.

persuasive essay about environmental problems

We can also use for public transport, ride a bike, or walk. People can save electricity by turning off lights, our tv-set and computer. We can use less washing up liquids to keep the water clean. We can also plant trees, collect litter and recycle cans, bottles, plastic bags and newspapers. Besides, we can buy products that don't use much energy. But a lot of people still think that there is little they can do to help the environment. They are sure that it is the duty of the government and big companies to make our planet cleaner: to recycle waste materials, to protect rare animals and plants, to install antipollution equipment and.

is in danger: air, water and land pollution have disastrous consequences which threaten human life on Earth. Most people are convinced that something must be done to stop pollution, but they don't know if they can help. In my opinion, much can be done by an average citizen. People have to be smart about such things as driving a car or using electricity. Whenever we drive a car, we are adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. To make our planet cleaner and to use less energy we can try carpooling. That is when three people ride together in one car instead of driving three cars to work.

There should be more newspaper articles, tv-programs and science-popular films about ecological problems. They help people become environment-educated. However, many people still believe that nature is doing well by itself. They use natural resources and pollute the evernote environment, but they don't think how awful the consequences may. I'm sure that nature can't do without our help. If we want to breathe fresh air, to drink clean water and to eat healthy food, we must stop polluting the environment. To conclude, ecological problems concern everybody and there are ways to solve them. People must always remember that the earth is our home and it depends on us what it will be like.

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Environmental Problems, some people say that we should invest money in ecology projects, while others believe that nature is doing well by dark itself. The earth is the only planet that people can live on, but nowadays they seem to be doing everything to make their home unfit for living. Industrialization has brought us into conflict with the natural environment. Our plget is in danger; air, water and land pollution have disastrous consequences which threaten human life on Earth. I strongly feel that the more money is invested in ecology projects, the better our lives are going. People have technologies to make our planet cleaner: we can control pollution, recycle waste materials, protect rare animals and plants and install antipollution equipment. We need more disaster-prevention programs in order to control environmental pollution, fight the destruction of wildlife and preserve woodlands. There should be more organizations like greenpeace that will help protect the animal world and stop environmental degradation. Such organizations influence public opinion and help form a correct attitude to nature.

persuasive essay about environmental problems
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  2. For a persuasive essay, this statement needs. Environmental problems in Australia. What is wwf doing about the problems? Deforestation When forests are cut, the salinity of the soil can greatly increase.

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