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Is Playing football Dangerous For Kids?

My close friends embraced me and said my sexuality didn't matter to them. Despite the turmoil at home, my mother and sisters were accepting of my decision to live an open and honest life. I'll never forget my mother's initial reaction to me coming out. As she sat at the dinner table sobbing, she uttered, "I always knew you were gay. A mother always knows. I had to let you come to terms with it first though. I want you to know that I love and support you no matter what.

My dad and I feuded a lot and physical battles were common, which led to numerous police visits at my home. This culminated in me becoming a ward of the state for two years at the ages of 15 and 16, and forced to live in a group home for a few months. During this time i was even twice admitted to the hospital's suicide ward. Life just didn't seem worth living. My guardian angel must have been protecting me though, because something was always holding me back from going all the way through with killing myself. I think i knew deep down that my life had more value and that I would ultimately prove everyone wrong. Ultimately, i used the abuse i endured at school and at home to strengthen my resolve to succeed. I would prove the bullies and my dad wrong. My drive led me to numerous academic, musical, and athletic achievements in high school despite my troubled life. At 17, essay during my junior year of high school, i came out to my family and friends.

playing football essay

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Nebraska has a history of being one of the most conservative and anti-lgbt states in the country. In 2000, nebraska voters adopted a constitutional amendment that defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman and prohibited the recognition of same-sex relationships. Gay marriage was still a pipe dream, with Massachusetts still months away from being the first state to legalize it in may 2004. It was also just five years after the horrific murder of Matthew Shepard in Nebraska's neighboring state of wyoming. I was going to be myself — an athletic, smart, fun, quirky, driven, caring, and passionate man who just so happened to be gay. I grew up in the very conservative, tiny farm town of pierce, neb. Growing up in the "middle-of-nowhere" was incredibly difficult, and my childhood and teen years were rocky. I was bullied for being gay even before i had accepted myself, had major family issues and almost committed suicide several way times due to severe depression.

playing football essay

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Such was my everyday life for the first few months of being an openly gay football player at a major division 1 university (the University of Nebraska-lincoln) in the fall of 2003. Afraid to say the wrong thing, make eye contact with the wrong person, or do anything that might be considered too "gay which could potentially mean harsh and painful consequences for me from the group of homophobes on the team. Every day i was walking on eggshells. Scared and alone, i set out to earn the love and respect from my fellow teammates and coaches. I knew my journey wasn't going to be easy, but I wasn't going to live a lie or live in fear. I was going to be myself. (Courtesy of Eric lueshen this wasn't your average football team. This was the big leagues, the cornhuskers, historically one report of the best college football teams. And this wasn't the most accepting state either.

How will these kids be affected when theyre 70, or even 50? At Emerson Hospital in Concord, mass., cantu treats hundreds of patients a year for concussion symptoms. Cantu is also co-director of the center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at Boston University, which has examined the brains of many deceased professional football players who were found to have the degenerative disease as a result of years of accumulated head trauma. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has also been detected in the brains of a college football player and a high school football player. There arent any known cases in younger athletes (cte can only be diagnosed after death but it is scary to think that there may be eighth-graders out there who have the disease in such an early stage. Sure football is an exciting game. But the more the medical community learns about the risks, the more tom Brady. Seemed to have asked the right question: Whats the rush? More: Kids and Concussions).

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playing football essay

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10 items or less.) However, there are important reasons analysis to hold off until then, including: Kids are not miniature adults. By age 4, the heads of kids are 90 of adult size. However, their necks are much weaker than an adults neck. The combination creates a danger. When a child takes a hard blow from falling or being struck in the helmet, it is more difficult to keep the head steady. The result is greater force to the brain from being jerked inside the skull. Kids dont understand the risks.

This is as much an ethical as a medical consideration. A teenager entering high school can make a judgment about the ups and downs of playing tackle football. He has the ability to think through the consequences himself, not as an adult would but at least resume with an understanding of risk and reward. The same isnt true of a 6-year-old. Much is not known about the long-term effects of repetitive head trauma, especially among young children.

todays parents of peewee players would do well to embrace tom Brady. Last month, in one single. Pop Warner football game, five preadolescent players on a team from Tantasqua, mass., suffered serious head injuries. The boys were all around the age of 10 and none were over the predetermined weight limit of 120. In spite of the 52-point lead the opposing team had on Tantasqua, neither coach called for the contest to end.

(Those coaches have since been suspended. this year, 3 million kids from the ages of 6 to 14 are playing organized youth tackle football, according to usa football. Even some 5-year-olds are in helmets playing in the tiny mite division of Pop Warner (which insists that its gladiators weigh at least.). mORE: Why the nfl needs a concussion Ref in my new book, concussions and Our Kids, which I co-authored with. Robert Cantu, a clinical professor of neurosurgery at the boston University School of Medicine, we make the case for delaying organized tackle football until kids are 14 years old. The better game for children is flag football — in which kids grab flags rather than each other to stop the ball carrier. Kids can develop tackle-football skills during these early years by practicing those skills on tackling dummies. mORE: The Problem with football: How to make it Safer admittedly, the cutoff age of 14 is somewhat arbitrary. (Thats usually the case with any mandatory minimum or maximum,.

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And his mother Galynn did not allow him to play organized tackle football. For that, tom had to wait until his freshman year at Junipero serra high School in San Mateo, calif. The first time hippie i ever saw Tommy seriously throw a football, he was 14 years of age, his dad told. mORE: Kids Concussion Symptoms may persist for a year tom. Believed that football was too dangerous. As a parent, i didnt want my 7- or 8-year-old kid walking off the field with a broken arm or leg, the elder Brady said. (Concussions were just an afterthought at the time.

playing football essay

Playing for the love of the game should remain the cornerstone upon which success is built. And even when the money rolls in and the investments balloon, administrators, coaches, players and supporters must never lose site of that core belief. Health science, the more we learn about the dangers writing to children, the more it makes sense to wait. By, mark hyman, nov. 06, 2012, hill Street Studios / Getty Images. Related, tom Brady is the gifted quarterback of the new England Patriots, widely regarded (even by jets fans) as one of the best ever at his position. But when he was a kid in the late 1980s and early 90s, his father Tom.

humble players, guided by an unassuming Italian coach. The clubs expenditure on players was nowhere near the money dished out by the big clubs in Manchester and London and, yet, the sense of unity and can-do attitude adopted by the team delivered the coveted result. And as if leicesters success was not enough, footballing minnows Iceland and Wales had impressive runs at the euro 2016 finals in France. This showed that football was not just about the money. And that was a welcome reprieve for those who love the game for the games sake. Similarly, in Malta, birkirkara fc wrote history when they were the first team to make it to a third round of a uefa competition last month. They did it in a diligent manner, brushing off the likes of Scottish team heart of Midlothian in the second round. These successes should be celebrated because they inject a dose of humility in a game that has been tarnished by too many scandals over recent years.

It is an industry that, to a large extent, has embraced globalisation like no other. Much as it is maligned, the onset of big money has helped improve the game and make it flourish and become accessible to wider audiences. The money also brought about the strong temptation of corruption, bribery and match-fixing. But when all of this is stripped away, what is left at the core is a game with 22 players on the field, battling each other within a set of rules, as they try to score and clinch victory. This is the essence that embodied gianni bencinis maxim for essay the love of the game when he founded Melita afc in 1933 as an amateur club. That calling may have lost its lustre in a high-stakes game where money talks but, despite its commercial structure, football remains entertaining. This simple fact can easily be overlooked in the fog of lavish spending and superstar status afforded to certain players. This is why the success of underdogs instils in many a sense of joy that the simple game is still very much about passion, hard work and dedication.

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There are a lot of things you can do with 118 million and, apparently, one of them is buying a footballer. This is the eye-watering figure manchester United are ready to pay to acquire French midfielder paul Pogba from juventus. It will be a history-making transfer fee. If gpa the move materialises, it will take spending by the 20 teams in the English Premier league to more than 700 million this summer. That is roughly what Malta expects to collect from vat receipts this year. The impressive transfer fees and equally generous wages big football clubs are prepared to pay leave no doubt as to the commercial transformation of this simple game loved the world over. Football is a business and this is not a recent phenomenon. Billions are generated through television rights, marketing, online betting, transfer fees, season tickets, advertising and tourism.

playing football essay
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  2. Eric lueshen s first-hand account of being an openly gay football player for the nebraska cornhuskers a decade ago.

  3. Playing for the love of the game. Football is a business and this is not a recent phenomenon. Go read eric lueshen s inspiring outsports essay.

  4. Each division is also responsible for regulating the amateur status of players and the rights and responsibilities of coaching personnel, as well as scheduling the practice and playing seasons. Selecting an, essay, topic. Continue to insist up until draft day that Darrell is excited about playing. So you want to learn how to cheat in fantasy football, huh?

  5. He loves listening to pop music and playing football in his free time. A teenager entering high school can make a judgment about the ups and downs of playing tackle football. Football scholarships are some of the most lucrative, and most coveted, financial aid opportunities available.

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