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I saw the ocean for the first time this academic year, and loved. The movies have an inspired way of depicting overjoyed protagonists, plunging into watery vastness. I had high expectations for my first oceanic viewing as well. When I first got to the. Boston Harbor (for a really cool, freshman Pre-Orientation Program i experienced quite the hollywood-esque joy. Then I shivered through a boston Harbor boat tour, loving every minute. Since, ive revealed a personal fascination for bodies of water (Charles river 3 and returning to the ocean for my second boat ride was even more inspiring.

And for shopping aficionados. For tourists, theres the. Make way for Ducklings toy store and a discount ticket kiosk. For pop culture geeks and music connoisseurs, newbury comics. For the no longer hungry but still craving a snack, a two-story. Once, i also caught one of the daily performances. Ever seen good a man in a kilt and superman underpants (with a special butt cape) riding a unicycle and playing bagpipes? That would be the world-famous. Kilted Colin, entertaining by faneuil Hall. For a festive mood, theres also Christmas lights and music shows by faneuil Hall in the winter.

bubble writing l

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I did, however, adore eating and drinking in the Chinatown indoors. There is an array of good-looking restaurants offering Asian foods in the area, with delectable green tea always available. Our soup, meat, and salad were served in giant dishes, enough to share among the merry group of four. And to complete the satisfactory outing, we had at least a dozen different bubble tea shops to choose from, with the best prices in town (although I still love the. Mit student Center bubble tea best!). Further down lies the 1742 Cradle of Liberty, faneuil Hall (with quincy small market downtown Bostons prime location for a quick and satisfying meal along. There are 36 food vendors in the quincy market building alone, with additional historical Boston cuisine restaurants inside and around. For toy lobsters and other Boston-related merchandise (like baby onesies that say future harvard freshman its quite a convenient place, too. And for history lovers.

bubble writing l

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Amc movie theatre, a, masonic Lodge, an alleyway essay towards Chinatown, a starbucks, one of many ubiquitous local. Dunkin Donuts, the massachusetts State house, and the historical 1809. On mild-weather days, my friends and I love sitting in the commons green spaces with the freshest breeze teasing our hair, looking up and around and having the greatest time. We have gone to the boston Common to watch movies, trace the American revolution, continue onto other parts of Boston for modern entertainment, or simply grab a coffee at the. Thinking Cup, an adorable coffee shop for the tired explorer. Prefer to share food with friends? Chinatown is awesome for that. My memories of the districts architecture are blurry, as the last time my friends and I went there, the air was brutally cold, and sightseeing was not desirable.

On one side of campus, central and Harvard Squares inspire with quaint shops and cafés and occasional art festivals. On the other, just beyond the harvard Bridge, downtown Boston splits into diverse districts, one for each type of adventure. This post is Part.0 of my favorite ways to burst the mit bubble, dedicated to downtown Boston. Located conveniently by the park Street mbta station, the. Boston Common, oldest park in the country, is the best beginning for Downtown exploration. There is plenty to look at besides passing humans as well, like the old and new, wide and narrow buildings all squeezed together. Surrounding the park in a glorious architectural mix are.

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bubble writing l

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Laarescu, puiu does an er, rumanian style. There's movement in only one direction - following sixty-something lazarescu, a drinker with a sore belly and a terrible headache, on a saturday night in Bucharest when there has been a bad bus accident, after he calls 911. Puiu throws out hints of profundity with names in the script like lazarus, virgil, dante, remus, and Angel; and the trek from hospital to thesis hosital as lazarescu's diagnosis changes and his condition worsens can be seen as a journey through Hell. But the film didn't win the Un Certain Regard top prize at Cannes this year because of any message. It's puiu's attention to detail, the precise planning of dialogue and camera positions that gives documentary accuracy to the action and makes the film compulsively watchable and somehow unique.

Boston is a marvelous city! During the school year, i have regrettably failed superstition to take advantage of its historical and culinary wonders, but when the post-finals laze took over, i devoted most of my time to local exploration. Armed with an all-powerful. Mbta pass (with unlimited trips for a week! i discovered new favorite places and once again ascertained that mit has the best possible college location.

At one point Martha snaps a photo of Kyle because he's her "best friend she says. When young, pretty rose is hired to help fill a big order at the doll factory, she joins the other two at lunch, and starts going off with Kyle for a smoke afterward: the equation has changed. Then Kyle and Rose plan a date, but Martha doesn't know about. Because everyone is so inexpressive, it's not clear that any of them even know what they're feeling. You might contrast the arch cleverness applied to naive people working in a nowhere walmart-like store in Miguel Arteta's 2002. These people in, bubble just are, and the murder that happens is like lots of murders that don't make it to the screen that just happen, the perpetrators being people the victim trusted, nobody knowing how it all happened.

Bubble "aggressively disorienting in its banality but taken on its own terms, it works. Deft manipulation of non-actors and precise, attractive use of hd photography are important factors in the film's economy and success. The death. Crisit puiu was inspired at nineteen by jim Jarmusch's. Stanger Than Paradise to become a filmmaker. He says er is syndiicated in Rumania: "When you watch the American show, there's movement in every direction, the choreography of the characters is amazing - but I can't believe any.".

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Bubble (Soderbergh soderbergh is highly effective on new territory with. Bubble, a low-budget film about three working-class people in writing a doll factory and a crime. It doesn't seem as if he's taken any movies as his models, though some of the conventions of a police procedural take over toward the end. The images shot in hd of the factory, the houses, roads, and people of Ohio and West Virginia could have been taken not from movies but from 1970's and 1980's still photographers like robert Adams, or particularly from lee friedlander's Factory valleys. Debbie doebreier (Martha dustin James Ashley (Kyle and Misty dawn Wilkins (Rose) come from West Virginia and Ohio. Decker moody (Dectective don) is a west Virginia police detective. Coleman hough, who wrote the screenplay, has kept it naive and simple. When a man learns his daughter is in jail for murder, he says, "Oh, i see." The attractive young Kyle and the doughty martha go to and from work and have lunch together.

bubble writing l

The film is about what happens following this grotesquely ill-advised decision. L'enfant is urgent with movement and dissertation has little talk. As with the 1996. La promesse (The Promise where jérémie renier debuted, rosetta (1999 and, le fils (The son, 2003 the action is ceaseless and obsessive and seems almost real-time. But the dardennes make every minute count. In those rare moments when the hyper-kenetic Bruno is momentarily still and the camera looks into his face, there's a strong sense of the doubt that will lead to his transformation. When Bruno tells Sonia "I'm sorry or "I need you" and "I love you" the words carry weight because he doesn't normally ever say such things. But Sonia says, "you lie as you breathe.". L'enfant is as powerful and accomplished as anything the dardennes have done, and as thought-provoking.

of the japanese interpreter, in perfect English, hirohito says, "What can I tell you? You know, it is not easy being Emperor." These are just a few details in a film rich in telling ones. Simply enuimerating them can't explain this film's slow, cululative emotional wallop - or the lovely, fantastic, dreamlike landscape images toward the end. L'enfant (Dardennes the dardennes, who won their second Palme d'Or at Cannes this year with. L'enfant (The Child describe it as "a love story that is also the story of a father." Twenty-year-old Bruno ( Jérémie renier) is a petty thief and scam artist in Seraing, an east Belgian steel town, who lives off his girlfriend's welfare and impulsively spends. When eighteen-year-old Sonia (Déborah François) returns after the birth of thier son Jimmy, bruno's far worse than merely unready to accept the responsiblity of fatherhood. Unbeknownst to sonia, he decides to sell the baby on the black market.

Sokurov's haunting recreation of how Emperor Hirohito spent the last hours before the japanese surrender, this is a miraculous work, and it provided the most powerful aesthetic and emotional experience of the nyff. The sun depicts a man who knows very well what plan is going on but lives in a cocoon, in a state of detachment and ineffectuality that becomes strangely heartrendiing. Issey ogata's performance as the Emperor easily competes for hypnotic intensity with Bruno ganz's in the german film. Downfall - but with a very different sort of bunker and a very different kind of man: a silent, immaculate country house with a few faithful srvants in attendance; a small, frail but upright and dignified personage who can easily explain the causes of the. Even on this day he is more comfortable browsing through photos of his family and American movie stars, discussing marine biology, and writing poetry. Despite the disgrace, he is selflessly happy that peace has come. He inks a brush to write a statement to his absent son, but instead drafts a few verses about the weather. Later he is taken to see eisenhower, and then brought back again to dine with the general.

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A provocative and often caustic writing style patterned after the journalist. Example citation: "It is difficult to read through a daily paper without finding a feature writer who employs. Menckenese." — george mayberry, notes: "Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy." "The public, with its oliver mob yearning to be instructed, edified and pulled by the nose, demands certainties; it must be told definitely and a bit raucously that this is true. But there are no certainties." "It is now quite lawful for a catholic woman to avoid pregnancy by a resort to mathematics, though she is still forbidden to resort to physics and chemistry." "The common argument that crime is caused by poverty is a kind. Related Words: Christianese crosswordese, internetese, category: Writing, new words. Reviews, features, author Index, more reviews by, chris Knipp. Contact Us, best of the, new York film Festival by Chris Knipp, the sun (sokurov).

bubble writing l
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  1. A style of writing prevalent in Web sites, e mail messages. I picked up a copy of the first issue of Fashion Line magazine and Im hooked the writing is dripping with sarcasm, theres no fashion arse-kissing, they feature awesome designers like jens laugesen and Camilla Staerk, and of course, theyre london-based. Accessorize artsy fartsy beauty School Dropout books.

  2. A provocative and often caustic writing style patterned after the journalist. Example citation: It is difficult to read through a daily paper without finding a feature writer who employs Menckenese. George mayberry notes: 8230; Internetese —.

  3. When writing your question or answer, please follow these guidelines: Assembled Product Dimensions (. Even on this day he is more comfortable browsing through photos of his family and American movie stars, discussing marine biology, and writing poetry. The voice called, bubble aggressively disorienting.

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