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Thus, in the given condition catering manager has to set such menu which will fulfill the needs and demands of all the dinners. For example, catering manager has decided to set separate menu for different dinners. The given decision will be affected when time and number of dinners are being consider by the respective manger (McEntee, 2009). However, it has been evaluated that even though there are many constraints but a manager cannot offer same type of food to all dinners. This is because; of the difference in the tastes and preferences of buyers. Religion of dinners: It is being regarded as another most crucial factor which leads to menu development planning of school.

Here, on the basis of set budget only decision regarding the different type of food which needs to be included in menu will be taken by the manager in an effective way (Gordon-davis and Rensburg, 2004). Types of food item to be included in menu: It is the last phase of menu product development in which catering manager of school will make the decision for type of food items which needs to be severed by it to the school girls. In the given section, manager will have to consider the number of factors such as age and religion of girls. Thus, on the basis of given information only specific food items will be set for 6 weeks tenure. Overall, it can be said that with the help of given steps an effective menu can be prepared by catering manager of school. Thus, this lead to entail the high amount of satisfaction among the dinners. 2.2 Listing the important factors which influence the menu development planning. With respect to the given case scenario, three most important factors are identified which lead to cause the significant impact upon the menu development plan which is being formulated by the catering manager. The detailed information about the assessed three factors are depicted in below: Time constraints and number of dinners: The availability of time with chef for preparation of food and the number of dinners to whom the prepared food will be served are being regard. Here, as per the given scenario kitchen staff has to serve the food for an around 900 dinners. Furthermore, the food needs to be served by it within a specific time frame also.

menu planning assignment

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This is because, lack of consideration of the same will lead to affect the satisfaction level of school girls. Making the selection for the type of menu: Here, after assembling different type of information about the menu. In the particular step, manager have to make the decision regarding the type of menu and food serving style which is being used. In this context, there are different type of menu assessed such as du jour Menu and a la carte etc (Pearson and Kuntz, 2008). In addition to this, the food serving style is also of several types such as batch cooking and cook and chill method etc. With respect to the three dinning room, batch cooking will be seem more effective. This is because, by using this style food can be served by the kitchen staff members among large number of dinners in an effective way. Setting the budget for each dinning session: dissertation In this phase, manager will set the budget for each three different dinning session.

menu planning assignment

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There are different stages assessed with the help of which an effective and creative menu can be prepared by the catering manager for the three different dinning rooms of school. The detailed explanation about the same is depicted in internet below: Idea generation: The step with regard to prepare the new menu for the school will start with the generation of idea. Here, in the given step different type of information will be gather by the catering manager. It consists of customers trends, users eating habit and preference along with restaurant concept (tikkanen and Kasurinen, 2012). Here, the menu for the above mentioned dinning of school will be prepared on the basis of given information only. For example, through this stage it has been assessed by the catering manager of school that the customers who belongs to the age category of 12-18 years prefer to eat the fast foods. Then, in the given circumstance it is being required by the catering manager that it must consider the given factor while preparing plan for the school menu.

For example, servers should know about the items prepared in the menu, the portion of sizes offered, the way of preparing the items etc. By this way the server can provide a personal touch answering to he questions directly to customers. It is necessary because students belong to different cultures. They prefer to eat few things only and avoid few things. But in the absence of knowledge they will eat those things and this will hurt their emotions badly (Ang and Tang, 2007). This happens in case of vegetarian students mostly. So the serving department should segregate the food sections accordingly. Task.1 Stages of menu product development.

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menu planning assignment

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1.3 Factors influencing service methods, menu planning includes servicing after preparation of food. The service should in an appropriate manner so that the write students and staff need not face any difficulty in having the food. Since there are five dinning hall for different students, support staff and teachers (Vidgen, 2006). The cooking team can select different serving styles for different category of students. But one thing should be kept in mind that all the students and staff should be served food at the same time. As stated above students of lower age can be served on their table only, they need not have to rush anywhere for getting the food (Bisogno and Bisogno joseph, 2005). This facility is provided to small students to avoid any accidents while taking the food in their plates.

The middle age students can be provided food as per counter system, so that they can have their food number of times. Teachers and other support staff can be served on buffet system basis the reason being they are more responsible and know to handle every situation. But the disadvantage of buffet system is this, that who comes first will be served first and rest of people have to wait. The success of menu planning depends on the operational employees. School management phrases should chose a cooking team with good skills and talent of the cooking as well as service staff. The service staff performs his duties by transferring the food received from cooking team. In order to properly serve the students and staff, and be ready to answer the questions raised by students (Walker, 2013).

Nutritional diets differs with age, gender, size, lifestyle habits, occupation and health. Considering the appeal and garnishing is another important factor in menu planning to make the food attractive. Food can be made appealing by using different flavours, colours, shapes and textures (McEntee, 2009). By using the range of ingredients and cooking methods also helps in making the food more appealing. Time factor should be kept in mind while planning to prepare a dish. So that time management can be done (Gordon-davis and Rensburg, 2004).

Suppose a dish takes too much time to get ready, in that case time should be managed accordingly. Budget is the most important factor that is required to be considered in planning a menu. Every day's budget is to be prepared and in according to that only dishes are prepared. The menu plans should never exceed the budget decided. The menu planning should be according to the season. In case the dish prepared does not suit the weather in that case students and staff will get ill by having them. Seasonal food should be the priority of the cooking team (Pearson and Kuntz, 2008). Dishes which can be managed by the cooking team itself, should only be prepared. If they prepare a unique dish and that was not as per the recipe, all the hard work and time goes in vain.

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As per the age segregation of students, students under 7 years of age can be provided more facilities at their dinning room like the food is served to them, they paper are provided water and other sweets (tikkanen and Kasurinen, 2012). A waiter service can be started for them because they are too small and they can get burn or hurt from any mishap. The Oldest students can be provided a counter facility in their dinning room, where they can take food of their choice number of times they would like. If the number of members are few in the evening for having dinner then the cooking team can organize dinner for all of them in a single dinning hall as per their demands and preferences instead of serving in different rooms (Rostron, 2011). This happens when most students go home in the afternoon. Other factors like budget, quantity, time available, staffing etc. Should also be kept in mind while planning the menu. Firstly keep in mind the nutritional needs as per the age groups like children, teenagers and elderly needed people because they all have different dietary needs and therefore requires special diets.

menu planning assignment

Cultural Issues : Students from different backgrounds and countries are studying in the boarding school. They have their different cultures, according to which they prefer food. The main criteria for bifurcation of female food is vegetarian and non vegetarian (Pearson and Kuntz, 2008). The cooking team should keep in mind the cultural aspects so that the sentiments of students as well as teachers do not get hurt. The religion, diets and menu cycle should be keep in mind while preparing and serving food in five different dinning rooms. 1.2 Factors influencing menu planning decision. Menu planning decision can be based on various factors.

: Since there are different dinning rooms for students, teachers and support staff therefore different food is to be prepared for them. The cooking techniques can be different for different dinning rooms as per their preferences. Some food can be common for the different dinning rooms like rice and desert. Batch cookery, cook freeze and conventional techniques can be used. In batch cookery food is prepared in fixed intervals. For example breakfast is prepared in the morning, at the same time preparation for lunch has been done, so that at the time of preparing lunch, it will be quick making and then serving the same on time (Gordon-davis and Rensburg, 2004). In cook freeze method of cooking the food is prepared and preserved till the time of serving the food, so that it remains fresh and the time will also be saved. In conventional system which is normally used at all restaurants and other places, food is prepared immediately before serving.

Variety of food : food to be served as per meals that is breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner for boarding students and only lunch to the normal students. In breakfast students will be provided refreshing food to energize their day by a fresh beginning. For example fresh bread with jam, banana or sandwiches etc. The breakfast should be different for all days in a week. It can be repeated after six weeks, so that the students do not get bore of eating same kind of food daily. The quality of vegetable used for making lunch and dinner is fresh. But frozen vegetables can be used the next day, by cooling them whole night, so there freshness can be kept continue (Rostron, 2011). Students and teachers advice can be appreciated in variety of food to be prepared on every day.

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Menu planning is an important part of dissertation hospitality management. Good efforts are required to make an effective menu plan. Menu planning includes many aspects like the efforts to be made for fulfilling the requirements and preferences of all people who will be served, choosing a planning pattern and style as per convenience of customers, making a shopping list, shopping strategically, cooking perishable in priority. Menu planning is the way to get to know that a person is eating a balanced diet and satisfying all nutritional needs. As per any frugal cook, menu planning can save time as well as money. This project is prepared to understand the factors that influence menu planning decisions, Understanding of menu product development planning processes, designing the principles within a food service environment and to develop specific and actionable recommendations for a new food service concept. Task.1 Principles of recipe development, as per the given case study of a boarding school of uk, catering department has to mange all the responsibilities regarding food for the students, teaching staff and support staff. They have to take care of variety of things like the quantity of food to be prepared, food should be prepared keeping in mind the age groups as segregated in the case, different food for different dinning rooms, quality of vegetables being used in preparation. Presenting here a brief survey on the above principles that are applied for menu planning in this boarding school.

menu planning assignment
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