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Retrieved March 22, 2016. a b "my big Fat Greek wedding 2 (2016. Retrieved may 27, 2016. "Is a 'big Fat Greek wedding' sequel in the works?". "nia vardalos: 'my big Fat Greek wedding' Star Talks Chemistry, motherhood And Plans For a sequel". kit, borys (may 27, 2014). "nia vardalos, Playtone reuniting for 'my big Fat Greek wedding' sequel".

13 It grossed.2 million on its first day and.9 million in its opening weekend, finishing third at the box office behind Batman v superman: Dawn of Justice (166 million) and zootopia (24 million). 14 In its second weekend, the film grossed.2 million (a.2 drop again finishing third behind Batman v superman (51.3 million) and zootopia (19.3 million). 15 Critical response edit On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 28 based on 163 reviews, with an average rating.6/10. The site's critical consensus reads, " my big Fat Greek wedding 2 is as sweet and harmless as the original, but its collection of sitcom gags and stereotypes never coalesces into anything resembling a story with a purpose." 16 Metacritic gave the film a weighted. 17 Polled by cinemaScore, audiences gave the film an average grade of "A" on an A to f scale. 14 Possible sequel edit In late june 2016, vardalos hinted at the possibility of a third film, saying that although no writing has been done, she does have an idea. 18 References edit " my big fat greek wedding 2 (12A. British board of Film Classification. Retrieved March 2, 2016. d'alessandro, anthony; Tartaglione, nancy. Superman' the targets Second-Best Pre-summer Global Opening purpose With 350M".

my fat greek wedding 2 reviews

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If they don't "do it then they'll have chemistry on camera. 5 On may 27, 2014, various news and media outlets reported that a sequel was in the works. 6 Vardalos later confirmed this via twitter, and wrote the script for the film. 7 Universal Pictures acquired the us distribution rights to the film on november 11, 2014, and Kirk jones was set to direct, based on the script by vardalos, who also starred. 8 Filming edit Principal photography began on may 10, 2015 in Toronto, and ended on June. 9 10 11 Release edit In may 2015, Universal set the film for a march 25, 2016 release. 12 Home media edit my big Fat oliver Greek wedding 2 was released on dvd and Blu-ray on June 21, 2016. Reception edit box office edit my big Fat Greek wedding 2 grossed.7 million in North America and.2 million in other territories for a worldwide total.9 million, against an 18 million budget, making it a modest box office success. 3 In its opening weekend, the film was projected to gross 15 million from 3,133 theaters.

my fat greek wedding 2 reviews

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And it's only now that paperless i've really become open to the idea. Over the years, i've heard from everybody about what the sequel should. People next to me at Starbucks would say, "hey, let me tell you my idea and I'd be like, "hey, i'm just trying to get a cup of coffee." I never thought much about. But then when John (Corbett) and I recently sat down to do that interview (for the 10th anniversary edition we laughed so hard through the whole thing. It made me think that it's time. He said, "Come on, write something, will you?" And I now think i will. We have such an easy chemistry together. And we have chemistry because we never "did." That's the surefire way to kill chemistry in a scene. You have to make sure your actors don't "do it" off-screen.

Alex Wolff as Bennett, paris's love interest Bruce Gray as Rodney miller, ian's father fiona reid as Harriet Miller, ian's mother jayne eastwood as Mrs. White, the portokalos' neighbor, who tends to complain about the portokalos family's antics. Kathryn Greenwood as Marge, a neighbor and former classmate of toula's. White, she makes fun of the portokalos family for being loud and weird throughout the film. Rob Riggle as Northwestern Rep Ashleigh rains as Wedding Planner Jeff White as Patrick, angelo's romantic and business partner. Production edit In a 2009 interview for her film my life in ruins, asked about a possible sequel to the 2002 hit romantic comedy my big Fat Greek wedding, nia vardalos stated that she had an idea for a sequel and had started writing. 4 Asked about a sequel again in a november 2012 interview, she stated: Well, actually, yes.

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my fat greek wedding 2 reviews

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Gerry mendicino as Uncle taki, voula's husband and Angelo and nikki's father. Joey fatone as cousin Angelo, voula's son and toula's cousin. He runs a couple of small businesses with his "partner" Patrick, who his family soon learns is more than a business partner. Bess meisler as Mana-yiayia, toula's grandmother and Kostas's mother. She seems to have mellowed out into a more eccentric, but lovable elderly Greek woman, who no longer mistakes her family for Turks.

Stavroula logothettis as Athena portokalos, toula's sister. In proposal the first film, she was shown to have three sons, who apparently got older in the second film and had two more kids. Ian Gomez as mike, ian's best friend. In the first film, he worked as another teacher in the same school Ian works. In the second film, he now works as a cop for the Chicago police department and is married with one of toula's cousins, whom he met at toula and Ian's wedding in the first film. Mark margolis as Panos Portokalos, kostas's brother from Greece john Stamos as george, a fellow Greek who is a news anchor on television. Rita wilson as Anna, george's wife.

At the wedding reception, gus reads a letter from the ancestry site verifying that he is a descendant of Alexander the Great. Ian, however, realizes that toula forged the letter to make her father happy. The movie ends with the entire family dropping Paris off at her college dorm in New York. Nia vardalos as Fotoula "Toula" Portokalos John Corbett as Ian Miller, toula's husband. In the first film, he worked as an English teacher.

In the second film, he now works as the principal of the same school. Elena kampouris as Paris Portokalos, toula and Ian's 17-year-old daughter lainie kazan as Maria portokalos, toula's mother Michael Constantine as Kostas "Gus" Portokalos, toula's heavily stubborn father, who constantly pressures his family into getting married regardless of age. Andrea martin as Theia voula, toula's aunt and Maria's sister. Voula seems to fill the void left by the travel agency by taking an almost impertinent interest in her family's affairs. She tends to tell people disturbing stories about her medical issues and sex life with her husband taki, much to toula's annoyance. Louis Mandylor as Nick portokalos, toula's brother, he worked in the kitchen in his father's restaurant and lived his life as a bachelor in the first film. In the second film, he is now married and has four sons. Gia carides as cousin nikki, voula's daughter, toula's cousin and best friend, and Paris's (and Ian's) godmother. After the dry cleaners' closed, went to beauty school and opened a salon.

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Paris asks Bennett ( Alex Wolff a boy she has a crush on, to the prom. He is also essay Greek with an equally crazy greek family. Prom is the same night as the wedding. Toula tells Paris she can go to the prom if she attends the reception later. En route to the church, gus, panos, and taki arrive drunk after many shots of ouzo. Maria storms off to the vestry after seeing Gus acting foolishly, feeling he is not taking the wedding seriously. Panos tells Maria that Gus had confided to him his love for Maria, and the ceremony continues. Watching as Gus and Maria recite their vows, ian and toula privately renew theirs. At the prom, paris and Bennett share their first kiss while slow-dancing.

my fat greek wedding 2 reviews

The whole family, including Ian's parents, rodney and Harriet (. Bruce Gray and, fiona reid and Angelo's business partner, patrick, pitch in to make the wedding happen. Nick urges Angelo to tell his parents, voula (. Andrea martin ) and taki ( Gerry mendicino that Patrick is also Angelo's romantic partner. Gus's estranged brother, panos ( Mark margolis ) arrives from Greece as a surprise. Paris has been accepted to northwestern University in Chicago and nyu in New plan York city. She chooses Northwestern to please her mother, but Paris's great-grandmother (Bess meisler) convinces her she should go to new York.

union. His current priest refuses to sign it but agrees to perform a new ceremony. Gus insists that he and Maria must marry again after fifty years together, but Maria wants Gus to propose properly. Gus refuses, infuriating Maria, who refuses to go through with the ceremony. Meanwhile, when toula and Ian are on a date night to rekindle their romance, their family catches them kissing in their car outside their house. After Gus lands in the hospital and Maria refuses to go, saying she is not his wife, gus pleas for her to marry him again. This time she accepts. Maria wants the wedding she never had and hires a wedding planner who quits after the rowdy family's choices become too outlandish.

The only business still open is the family restaurant that her father, gus (. Michael Constantine still runs. Her husband, ian (. John Corbett is the principal at their teen-aged daughter Paris's (. Elena kampouris ) high school. Paris, who is applying to college, feels smothered by her close-knit clan, who constantly interfere in plan her life. Desperate for independence and privacy, she applies to schools across the country. Ian and toula's marriage has become strained due to toula's obsessive need to be involved in Paris's life and to "fix" whatever goes wrong in her family. Meanwhile, gus has convinced himself that he is directly descended from.

My big Fat Greek wedding

My big Fat Greek wedding merican romantic comedy film directed by, kirk dream jones and written by, nia vardalos. The film stars Vardalos, john Corbett, lainie kazan, michael Constantine, andrea martin, ian Gomez and. It is the sequel to the 2002 film, my big Fat Greek wedding. Filming began in late may 2015. The film was released on March 25, 2016. The film grossed.9 million worldwide against a 18 million budget. Contents, toula portokalos-Miller's nia vardalos ) life is in shambles. Her travel agency and the family dry cleaners have closed due to the recession.

my fat greek wedding 2 reviews
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My big, fat, greek, wedding 2, reviews - metacritic my big, fat, greek, wedding 2 movie reviews metacritic score: After spending most of their time. Reviews for my big, fat, greek wedding. Well to those who appreciate this review then thank you because it is hard.

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  1. But no way does this movie buy into the concept of practice what you. My big, fat, greek, wedding 2, meine griechische hochzeit 2 (Kurzinhalt). Film Stars Dont die in liverpool.

  2. My big, fat, greek, wedding 2, review. Over and over again, this is the level of humor in my big, fat, greek, wedding 2 —this is the shrill note it hits. A review of nbc's new sci-fi show. My big, fat, greek, wedding 2 talks plenty about the need to change with the times.

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