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Simon Singh had recently written in depth about the evidence for chiropractic in his book trick or Treatment? And so knew well of which he spoke in the comment piece. He is, as am i, a scientist, and therefore is used to the scientific method: in the face of scrutiny or disbelief from our peers, we endeavour to defend our work on its merits and on the evidence. This is how science progresses, and it is how advances in medicine are made. It is how the public good is protected. Yet the bca, rather than provide a robust defence of their practices and claims, chose instead to sue. What was an earnest comment, written in the public interest and for the public good, was pulled by The guardian as soon as the writ was served.

I would also like to see that decision subjected to an urgent review at the movie highest level within the cps and for you to make a public statement clarifying the cpss stance on prosecuting these offences. I am copying into this letter the Attorney general. Best wishes, emily Thornberry mp, ends. August 2nd, 2009 by jp, back in June, i wrote the following letter to my mp, and received a reply, also printed below. I encourage anyone who is concerned about the chilling effect and consequences of the bcas libel case against Simon Singh to contact their Member of Parliament. MPs that are aware of this case, and are made aware that it is of concern to their constituents, will be much more likely to do something about. Representative democracy is responsive democracy, but MPs first need something to which they can respond. P., i write to express my deep concern regarding the recent libel case brought by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) against Simon Singh, and the implications for English libel law. In 2008, simon Singh wrote a comment piece in The guardian newspaper on the evidence for and against chiropractic. The bca took offense at one line in particular, on the lack of evidence for the use of chiropractic in treating babies.

writing a letter to an mp

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As i understand it, the evidential test of the Crown Prosecutors Code had been met in these cases but prosecutors decided that it would not be in the public interest to bring them to court because they could be brought before the general Medical council. As you will know, the gmc is a regulator and cannot paper bring criminal proceedings. The provisions of the Abortion Act 1967 are crystal clear. The conduct of abortions for reasons not stated in that Act is a criminal offence, not just a regulatory one. To decide not prosecute because a regulator can hear the matter instead is to disapply the law and undermine the will of Parliament. Furthermore, the cps under your directorship has made tackling violence against women and girls a priority. Such progress as has been made in this area will be completely undermined if the agency is seen to wash its hands of alleged abortion on the grounds of gender selection. I would like to know if you or any of your senior advisors approved the decision not to prosecute.

writing a letter to an mp

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One of the wonderful things about being British is the flexibility and laissez faire attitude that we offer people from other cultures who wish to share our country, and I find a strength in this that I would not want to forego. Bring others up tree to ones own level, i say; dont descend to theirs. Whilst like you i acknowledge that there are risks in living this way, i would rather do so than live otherwise. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with. Yours sincerely, tom Tugendhat mbe mp, member of Parliament for Tonbridge and Malling. House of Commons, london, sW1A 0AA. Dear keir, i am writing to request that you carry out an urgent review of the decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute two doctors for attempting to arrange gender-selective abortions.

So when you say: This is not a group that can be negotiated with or pacified. It is a jihadist cult that claims legitimacy from the divine, not the human and for which every success is an encouragement to greater crimes you are correct in the main yet omit that the divine authorisation they claim is, in fact, a broad and accurate interpretation. I urge you to keep this subject on the agenda but in truth rather than fiction. There has to be a substantive reason (or reasons) why so many Muslims want to live their lives in peace and in apparent contradiction to their religious calling. Anyone that can answer this question will do the world a great service. The reply from the mp: dear Mr Allen, Thank you very much for your comprehensive thoughts on this difficult topic. I have read what you write with great interest and have considered carefully what you say. I rather suspect that every religion, Christianity included, allows an interpretation that other religions find anathema. Not all Muslims are hell-bent on barbarism and returning the world to a caliphate.

Writing a letter to your, mP, the quill guy

writing a letter to an mp

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Islam says: Kill them the non-Muslims, put them to the sword and scatter their armies. Does this mean sitting back until non-Muslims overcome us? Islam says: Kill in the service of Allah those who may want to kill you! Does this mean that we should surrender to the enemy? Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword!

People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to paradise, which can be opened only for the holy warriors! There are hundreds of other Quranic psalms and Hadiths sayings of the Prophet urging Muslims to value war and to fight. Does all this mean that Islam is a religion that prevents men from waging war? I spit upon those foolish souls who make such a claim. There is so much known about the life and behaviour of Mohammed and the bible he left essay behind landlady and from authoritative pronouncements that anyone can discover the true and original nature of Islam from the original texts, the syria, hadiths and the koran. Only an openness in this deliberately secretive religion, often enforced by violence and the threat of violence, will assuage, what may otherwise become an increasing intolerance of Islam and all that it stands for in a country that is probably one of the most naturally tolerant in the world.

Describing the conduct of is as a perversion of Islam, as it is often portrayed, or ignoring the fact that the objectives of is mirror very closely those of Mohammed, simply serves to postpone a discussion and continue the veil of obfuscation that exists surrounding the entire subject of. Quite simply, muslims themselves prolong an adverse (and correct) interpretation of their religion and of themselves as individuals by failing to develop any acceptable and believable interpretation of how their beliefs differ from what is written in their most fundamental of texts. The writings are there for all to see and it doesnt help that there is regular tacit support given to Islamic objectives which is consistently revealed by a series of attitude surveys amongst Muslims carried out over recent years. The discussion that isnt being had is how a modern day and British Muslim squares a 1400 year old tyrannical doctrine, which disregards humanity as a concept in place of a dominance of religion and the complete subjugation of unquestioning submissives, with a tolerant and inclusive society that embodies. Sharia law, for example, is racist and misogynistic yet remains a fundamental tenet of Islam and is rumoured to be practiced in the uk in areas deemed to be too sensitive for the rule of uk law to apply. Simply by pretending that Islam isnt wedded to a cause of world domination and that somehow a muslim can be a submissive whilst magically purporting to adopt ideals and cultural norms seemingly abhorred by their core doctrine will not allay a progressive realisation of this contradiction and a concomitant.

We, as tolerant British people, do not want such religious tensions to increase so a part of the answer in preventing this is a greater understanding of how modern Muslims in a caring society really feel and the only way of doing that is to acknowledge the role. You, because of your understanding of this religion, are better placed to instigate a greater openness and truthfulness about Islam if you have the courage to do that rather than pretend that is doctrine is somehow not authorised by Islamic dogma and is, in some way, a misrepresentation. You may be aware of this"tion from the late ayatollah Khomeni, the leader of the Shia world in being quite specific about the relevance of 6th century Islam to todays world. Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males, provided they are not disabled or incapacitated, to prepare themselves for the conquest of other countries so that the writ of Islam is obeyed in every country in the world. But those who study Islamic Holy war will understand why Islam wants to conquer the whole world. Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those who say this are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Does this mean that Muslims should sit back until they are devoured by the unbelievers?

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Use our clever mp searching tool to find out who your local mp is and what their email address. Find your mp, enter your postcode to find your. Your Postcode: Once you've searched and you've found your mp then press continue to confirm your letter. If your postcode did not bring back any matches then please use our manual mp address finder links on the next page. Whilst I support your decision in the vote last night Im puzzled as world to the description of the provenance accorded to the cult of isis in both the debate and the article you recently wrote for the telegraph. If memory serves, you read Islamic studies at Canterbury university so it cannot come as a surprise to you that the actions of is mirror very closely those of Mohammed when he was effectively exiled to medina and from where he pursued a philosophy of war, rape, slavery and. The elephant in the room is this doctrine which is full of contradictions and further complicated by the concept of abrogation as declared by mohammed, combined with the declared infallibility of both the koran and every aspect of his life.

writing a letter to an mp

When you get a response from your mp, share a copy with the Oxfam so we can collate the responses. You can also upload the letter, or write a summary, and share it with other supporters via social media so that they resume can comment and compare with their own MPs responses. Even if it seems the response you received individually wasnt great, the combined strength of Oxfam supporters really does drive change. By writing your letter, you made a very important contribution to the collective effort. If you received a response, you could try to set up a meeting with them to discuss the matter further. If you haven't, then you cna try to talk to them about why this is not important for them. It is a win win situation!

is the most important part of the letter. If it is complex or you want a number of things, you could use bullet points. And finally, finish the letter by asking for a response. Pressing send on an email or putting your letter in the post is not the end of your action. You have taken an important action to help generate the political will to create change. Follow up with your. This is really important. If you havent had an acknowledgement after a couple of weeks, you could give your MPs office a ring to check they have received your letter.

After your introduction, use the, epic structure for the main part of your letter: e, engage. Get your MPs attention with a dramatic fact or short statement. State the problem and present the causes. How widespread or serious is it? Tell your mp about a solution to the problem. Give examples of how and where it has using worked. Ideally, show how it has benefited poor and vulnerable people. You could cite a recent study or tell a first-person account of how the solution has helped people you know.

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Here are some general rules for writing your letter: be succinct aim for your letter to be no longer than one and a half sides. Keep to the point focus on one issue and dont cover too many things in the letter. Include your address so your mp knows where to send the response. Check your MPs correct title. Do you address them as Ms, Mr, Mrs, Dr,. You can check by looking them up on the official. If this is your first letter to your mp, start by introducing yourself and sharing why it is that you care about the issue that you are raising. If you know of any supportive actions your mp has tekn in the past, desk you can acknowledge your mp for it - mps rarely hear the words thank you from their constituents.

writing a letter to an mp
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I have read what you write with great interest and have considered carefully what you say. Simon Singh: a letter to an mp, and the responses.

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  1. You can also upload the letter, or write a summary. Simply telling your, mP how you feel about an issue is unlikely to bring about change you need to tell them what you want them. Writing a letter to the. To an, mP from a sharia watch Supporter.

  2. Write a letter to your, mP at: house of Commons, london SW1A 0AA. Letter to your, mP about the bill C-51. Speak out now to rejectFear and StopC51. In turn, the minister will be obliged by parliamentary convention to respond to letters from an,.

  3. No postage is required when you send a letter to an,. Write back to the, mP thanking them for their response, adding any reminders for their continued. Contact an, mP or member of the lords.

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