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Among his designs and innovations for the talk facilities were many 'firsts' - he worked on the development of the 7-second delay, which is common to this day. . He became ce at kfrc-san Francisco in the early-mid '70s, and eventually, in 1977 moved to los Angeles as chief engineer at khj/krth. . During this time, he was named as Chief of Audio for the entire rko chain. . His work on am audio processors during this time was always cutting edge. "His many technical innovations are now considered standard broadcasting procedure in radio stations all across the country, wrote Shaune. Bob was born in Brooklyn, new York on november 25, 1939.

ray was, and always will be, one of the good guys. Kamer, steve: khtz, 1982-83. Steve works in you New York and his voiceover career includes: Inside Edition, espn classic, nbc sports, cbs news, The early Show, wcbs-am newsradio 880, and The new York yankees! Kane, allan: kmet, 1980. Kanner, bob: b ob was interested in radio from the time he could listen to one, according to long-time friend Shaune McNamara Steele. His contributions to the world of engineering were indeed revolutionary. He died August 20, 2005, at the age. Kanner was named chief engineer of wmca-new York while he was in his 20s. . This was during the days of manned transmitters. During Bob's tenure at wmca he oversaw the transfer of the station from music to a talk format.

resume writer los angeles

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By the time the meeting ended, ray was so convincing that I had changed my mind and we went on to make a lot of money together over the next few years. Steve said he had just spoken to ray last week by phonewe were talking about old times. . ray was a radio guy through and through. He loved our business, and he brought to it a decency and innate goodness that is paperless increasingly hard to find. Steve added that ray was always smiling, and he was quick with his own special brand of dumb G-rated joke. Ray specialized in bad puns. We often described him as punny. . he was devoted to his family, and he loved working with, nurturing and supporting radio talent, not as employees, but as part of his family. Steve summed up by stating: This is a terrible loss for our business. .

resume writer los angeles

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He was a great guy who was always positive, always upbeat. . That's the thing I'll miss most about him, he was one of those people who just never had a bad day. . He mom was able to create enthusiasm, and it was contagious. . John revealed it was ray kalusa who talked him into returning to local radio with his longtime partner Steve mason. . After a long courtship with the station, i called ray to thank him for the offer, but that I had decided to turn him down. . he insisted that I come to his office and meet with him and John davison, just close the negotiation in person. . I agreed, but my mind was made. .

He was the nicest guy. He actually went to a lakers game with my dad when I couldnt go one night. When david prepared to play on a media team at Dodger Stadium, ray told david Let me hit you some ground balls so youll be ready. I used to tease ray he was the equivalent of a gym rat at the radio station a radio rat he would get there early and not leave until. He loved talking to everybody and giving everybody in the building nicknames. He would chat up everybody he could in the four radio stations that occupied the building. He was always a guy who had a smile on his face, said david. John Ireland, who worked at kspn with Kalusa, had just talked to ray twice during the previous week.

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resume writer los angeles

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Jim was general manager of kwkw, his father's station. Kalusa, ray: kspn, 2003-06. Ray was appointed pd at kspn requirements in early fall 2003 from Citadel in Oklahoma city. He left the all-Sports station in early 2006. Ray died of an apparent heart attack on november 21, 2007. He was en route to las Vegas to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday when he was stricken. . ray, a 24-year veteran of radio, was pd at Citadel-owned stations, All Hits.9 kiss/fm, wwls (The Sports Animal and Supertalk 930 wky (News Talk) in Oklahoma city, before arriving in Los Angeles.

Ray began his career in Ogden, Utah as a midday air talent and afternoon news anchor at kjqn. He later continued his on-air stint at kcpx-salt lake city, as evening and morning air talent, plus md/apd duties. From Utah, ray headed to reno's kwnz where he was pd and afternoon air talent. His first gig in California reviews was working as md/apd and the midday shift at San diego's kklq (Q106 then becoming music director and apd at San diego's kioz. A graduate of the University of Notre dame where he played baseball, kalusa grew up in Chicago where he became a die-hard Cubs and bears fan. I dropped to my knees when I heard the news, said david Singer, kspn executive producer. Ray was one of my best friends in radio.

Brent owns a company that does "business turnarounds" for small to medium sized businesses. He spends time at koci, a lpfm in Orange county. Kahn, chaka: kibb, 1997. Chaka appeared on vh-1's divas broadcast in April 1999 singing her hit, i feel For you. She worked nights briefly in 1997.

Kahn, ken: klsx, 1998. Paired with Gerald Wolfe to host Jerry's courtroom Deli, ken's whereabouts are unknown. Kahn, larry: knx, mid 1980s; kfox, 1991; korg, 1991; kfi, 1991-92; kmpc, 1992-95; klsx, 1996-97; xtra, 2003. Larry broadcasts avenger football games. Kalmenson, howard: kwkw, 1962-97. He's now a partner in Lotus Communications. In 2012, he was honored with a lifetime Achievement Award from Radio ink for his long record of dedication to Spanish-language radio. Kalmenson, jim: kwkw, 1991-97.

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Kae lin, brian Kato: klsx, 1995-96. The pop icon who lived on oj simpson's property appears infrequently in the media. Kaestner, anne: knx, 1976. Kagan, marilyn: kfi, 1991-96; kmpc/ktzn, 1996-97. Marilyn is a media consultant and will mba be heard on m every monday morning @ 9am starting October 20, 2008. Her new book came out in november 2008 titled. Defenders of the heart and she continues to see people in therapy in beverly hills. Kahlen, brent: kyms, 1969-73; kroq, 1976-79; knac, 1979-81.

resume writer los angeles

Justin arrived in the southland from kmxb-las Vegas. He was middays at alt 987 (kysr) for many years. When he left the station in early march 2016, he wrote on Facebook: "After a solid 10 years on alt.7 the time has come for me to say farewell at the end of this month. I am not being pushed gujarati out or fired, it is simply the end of my contract and all obligations have been complete. 10 years is a long time to spend in one place and in order to keep evolving as a spiritual creative human being, it is simply time to close this door so that new ones can be opened. I want to thank my fantastic listeners, co-workers and supporters that I have been so lucky to have in my life over the past 10 years. I hope that you will continue sticking with me, sharing with me and having fun with me here on social media.".

Kade, justin: kysr, 2007-17. Justin worked weekends at star. Transitioned to nights when the station flipped to Alternative 98-7/fm. In early 2017, he joined Siriusxm alt-National channel.

Ellen, who was honored with a star on the hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012, shared, Im honored and thrilled to be a part of the 2016 Oscars team. . Its a true privilege to lend my voice to this global event celebrating the best in cinema. K, jeff: kacd, 1996-97. Jeff went on to do middays at "Merge.3" in Dallas. Kabc,.: kfi, 1992-96; kabc. Kabc exited kabc homework in February 2007 following a contract dispute. He can be heard nightly. Kabrich, jeanine: kabc, 1998-99; kfwb, 2000-06. Jeanine worked as the southern California media representative for the.

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Our resume experts have taken care of clients across a full spectrum of industries: Accounting, finance, Entertainment, Digital Media, marketing, it, tech, legal, Administrative, education, healthcare, retail, Engineering, sales, Architecture, construction, Pharmaceutical, community, social Services, hr, operations, corporate, consulting. Where Are, they now? M, los Angeles Radio people, k, compiled by don Barrett send changes and updates to:. K, bob: kfwb, 1967-68; kabc/kmpc, 1992-96. Bob is the gm of the doug Stephan Company. K, ellen: kiis, ; kost, 2016-18. Ellen co-hosted mornings with ryan seacrest at kiis/fm until October 2015 when she took over mornings by herself at sister station, kost. She was the announcer on the 2016 Academy Awards tv show. She has also dream been the announcer on the Grammy Awards, the peoples Choice Awards, the iheartRadio music Awards, my big Fat American Gypsy wedding on tlc and, hatched on The.

resume writer los angeles
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