Write drunk and edit sober

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write drunk and edit sober

The big Apple: Write drunk, edit sober

My subconsious mind then mentally creates the entire article or at least the main points of the outline of the article so that when I finally sit down to do the article — it was already pre-written for. I usually have very little awareness of its wallpaper creation or the mental construction of the article in my mind. Have you ever done this? How else can you get into a state of flow when writing?

write drunk and edit sober

Write drunk ; edit sober." - ernest Hemingway 850x1133 :"sPorn

For example: Passive: The magnificent copy was written by the copywriter. Active: The copywriter wrote the magnificent copy. Passive voice isnt always essay a bad thing, and the copyblogger police wont show up at your site and write you a ticket for using. Just keep it to a minimum. Summing it all up Whether youre a seasoned pro or a novice writer just starting out, these five principles can always improve your copy. By writing in an authentic voice, taking the time to get perspective, reading your work aloud, testing for long sentences, and rewriting for active voice, you can keep your reader engaged and score more conversions. Ive been doing this for some time and never realized it was actually a strategy to help spur your creativity to enter the zone of flow when writing. Heres what I do: A day, week or month before i write an article, ill create the title for the article.

( sean dsouza wrote about this for headlines, but it works for all writing.) If your reader has to pause for breath in the middle of a sentence, its too long. Either cut out the fat, or whack the sentence into two or more manageable pieces. The passive voice should be rewritten Passive voice is a fancy term invented to make writers feel bad for not having a better technical knowledge of grammar. Dont worry; its easy to spot. If someones doing something, its active. If something was done by someone, its passive. Passive sentences feel wordy, limp, and lifeless. Active sentences feel tight, energetic, and immediate.

Write drunk, edit sober

write drunk and edit sober

Write drunk and edit sober, a blog about literature, writing, and

Two: no one friggin does. Even build writers who offer this advice (yes, me too) seldom follow. When other aspiring writers ask them how they can improve, they purse their lips and intone sagely, are you reading your work aloud? It really does make a papers difference, you know. It sure does — if you. Its not just a technique for people learning to write.

It makes any writing better. No one is too good to read their work aloud. Use the breath test While youre reading your latest masterpiece out loud (or being a step more cunning by having someone read it for you, thus saving you effort and increasing your reward you can also watch for another problem: sentences like this one, which. Stick to one idea per sentence. And express your ideas succinctly. Once you hit 20 words in a sentence, every additional word can lose you up to 10 of your readers. A simple way of testing this is the breath test.

I know youre really excited about what you just wrote. I know youre like a kid at Christmas and you just have to send it off right now to receive the praise and glory you absolutely deserve. In the cold light of a new day, all writing seems slightly less marvelous and slightly more open to improvement. With the perspective that a night away from writing will give you, youll see that what you thought was a flawless masterpiece could actually do with a tweak here and a sharp cut there. The changes you make at this stage are 80 of what you need to turn good copy into magnificent copy.

Get a friend to read it aloud. Now that youve slept on your copy, its the perfect time to read it aloud. I know this is the most overused piece of advice to writers ever. But do you know why that is? When you read your work aloud, you pick up on problems with the flow that your eye would otherwise skip over. Its even better to get someone else to read it aloud, because they arent expecting odd turns of phrase, whereas you, after spending ten minutes obsessing over it yesterday, are.

Write drunk ; edit sober

Better to put too much personality in and have to edit it out later than not put enough in to begin twist with. When you write, make sure you have some passion for your topic — and then just tell your reader what you want to say. Enthusiasm creates reader involvement. Most writing has too little enthusiasm, not too much. But if you really feel you went off the deep end, you can always tone it down in the edit. Its hard to insert life into copy that never had any to begin with. Sleep on it, if this isnt the most important technique for improving copy, then its definitely in the top two after learn to read and write. Simply put: you can improve any piece of writing by letting it sit overnight. Look, i know youre in a hurry.

write drunk and edit sober

Write drunk; edit sober, now you dont have to take this literally. I dont really mean you should be downing rum as your answers fingers meander with increasing sluggishness and inaccuracy over your keyboard. Im looking at the principle behind this gem from Papa hemingway. The principle which is absolutely vital to producing compelling copy that gets people reading and buying: you must sound real. Persuasion is mostly a matter of education and building trust, and its hard to build trust when you write like a corporate drone. Too many copywriters slip into an overly formal style because they think it makes them sound important. No one wants to read stiff, formal copy with all the personality of a fax machine.

codes for other countries. Most writing could be better. Not just a little better — significantly better. If you start out with a solid topic, a good knowledge of your audience, and a reasonable degree of writing ability, youll usually end up with a pretty good piece of writing. But you dont have to settle for pretty good. A little attention to the final details can kick pretty good to magnificent. Whether youre creating blog posts, special reports, sales letters, a video script, email autoresponders, or whatever else, you can take your writing up a level just by applying some simple principles:.

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Write, drunk, edit Sober

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write drunk and edit sober
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  1. Hemingway did not write drunk, and he did not say that. His account of the accident was factual and sober.

  2. Now you dont have to take this literally. That way you can stay up later while drunk and edit. The correct formulation there, in my opinion, would be: write sober, get drunk, edit sober.

  3. We have to ask, do you follow this advice? Next Story a scientific look at Hemingways Advice. Write, drunk, edit, sober, infographic Elvis Presleys bmw roadster Has been Fully restored. And, it looks Incredible.

  4. A gentleman is never rude except on purpose - i can honestly be nasty sober, believe you. Always do sober what you said you d do drunk. LinkedIn: Hemingway was known to write drunk and edit sober.

  5. You know, from the heart. write drunk ; edit sober - ernest Hemingway this is an original piece of artwork created on the cover of a journal. I believe is was Whitman or Hemingway (one of the great American drunk writers) who always write drunk and edit sober.

  6. Os Tweets mais recentes de james Lickfield jamesLickfield). Write drunk ; edit sober. It s all basically fair in war and the matters of love.

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